It’s nearly the size of a crow, black with bold white stripes down the neck and a flaming-red crest. Look (and listen) for Pileated Woodpeckers whacking at dead trees and fallen logs in search of their main prey, carpenter ants, leaving unique rectangular holes in the wood. The Michigan Bird Records Committee lists eleven different woodpecker species found in the state. I just read Tim Gallagher's 2011 "Return to Durango" concerning the Imperial woodpecker. Downy Woodpeckers are the smallest of all woodpeckers in North America and can be found in Michigan all year throughout the whole state. They spend the summers in all of Michigan but aren’t as common at birdfeeders. Join today and start sharing your woodpecker pictures. Red-headed Woodpecker – These woodpeckers have an unmistakable bright red head, black wings and white belly. Many Michigan residents enjoy searching for woodpeckers in the winter months, since many other animals will shelter or migrate for the cold Michigan winters. However, many woodpeckers do not migrate and are one of the few species that can keep a Michigan bird watcher busy in the winter season. 1. and Dayton). The Pileated Woodpecker is one of the biggest, most striking forest birds on the continent. Feb 28, 2017 - There are eight woodpeckers found in Michigan.

Red-bellied Woodpecker - They are common throughout Michigan woodpeckers in the yard and in the wild with pictures. Beautiful birds. They are very common at feeders and easily attracted with suet, peanuts, mixed seed, or black sunflower seed. 3. Robin 06-Aug-2015 21:55 Pileated woodpeckers are becoming relatively common around our house in Madison Township, OH (between Cin.

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