Email, write a note, or schedule a time when you can sit down with the teacher and express your concerns that your child is not remembering what he reads. 17yo male. I had horses and I d o Mr remember wh a t I did with my last horse, stuff like that. I am 67 and throughout my life I keep wondering why I can remember 3rd s t up if bits and pieces but not anything else. Why can't I remember anything? Why we can’t remember things before age 3-4 Ever tried really hard to pinpoint your very first memory? I can barely remember anything before yesterday unless it really stands out, the further back in time I go the worse it is. I can't remember what I was doing a second ago. I never feel like I belong. share.

... Hello_CPT over a year ago. save hide report. I Don't Remember A Thing by: Sophia3943 So i woke up today knowing it was Monday and i was very sleepy my my brother went back upstairs from where i believed he came from the kitchen. I can't remember how exactly to type. I have tried asking my parents if anything happened in my childhood for me to block things out, but they say no and that I had a very happy and loving childhood and have nothing to worry about. *hambones* Meme. Why can’t I remember things? We watched 1 movie when my mom I can’t remember anything! Here are some things you can do to help your child remember what he reads. Even though I love my friends, I never belong in only one friend group First and foremost, if you notice this is happening with your school-aged child, please talk to his or her teacher. Learn about the nature of dreams, the association of vivid dreams with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, normal sleep patterns and the pattern of dreaming, triggers of … This explains why a bad ending can ruin an entire experience. More than anything else, we just have to remember teenagers are still learning.

Why we remember certain details over others is still a mystery. Is this normal? Whenever people tell me stories of events that have happened just a few years ago I don't remember them at all. My Brain Feels Weird I can't remember things . If you wake in the morning feeling disappointed that you don’t recall any dreams that you had overnight, you might question: Why can’t I remember my dreams?
Even if it’s not possible for you, right now, to find a therapist who can help you recover your suppressed memories, you can still develop an understanding of how your traumatic past could be shaping your life today. I smoked weed and can\'t remember anything. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Strangely I have a very good memory for some things – particularly anything I see or feel, but I can’t tell you anything about my school life or my childhood. I can't focus on anything. I barely remember stuff from when I was younger, like frmo 5 or 6 years ago, which I used to be able to remember all the time. I am 45 and I can barely tell you anything about my life. r/teenagers: r/teenagers is the biggest community forum run by teenagers for teenagers. comment. By Hello_CPT | 48 posts, last post over a year ago. I forget a lot, but why is this happening? We are all still learning. I'm happy that I'm really good at my hobbies and devoting myself but I can't read heavier things without it boring me and I'm lost sometimes during class conversations. I'm having trouble thinking. Doctors say it has something to do with hippocampus overload. I can’t remember anything, like names, faces, and conversations, and I only realize what I actually said in a conversation after it ended. I'm a teen, a middle aged teen that is, and I can't seem to remember a lot of things. I don't ponder as deeply as I did a couple years ago, I still ponder sometimes usually about more interpersonal things, never something news-y or facts but it was never as deep or meditative as when I was 13. Memories are fallible It’s probably no secret to you that you can’t trust your memory.

And we need to offer each other patience, forgiveness and the ability to laugh it off. I can't really speak. I've felt my mind deteriorating slowly for the past year or so (I don't remember how long).
Life is just like a really foggy event that I can't remember much of. My memory is really bad and I feel like I am not in control. 100% Upvoted.

But I find myself double checking that my own children remember things from their past, so as not to be like me. My friends even remember things that I did and do when I don't.

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