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There is always some excuse For your air of sad abuse But when the table's turned Holding it out, don't you ever learn?

Lyrics . Ooh, you're cruel, ooh, you do Ooh, you do, you do me wrong Ooh, you hurt me, ooh you flirt with Any old face that comes along Lyrics to 'Whipping Boy' by Lagwagon.

Additional Releases. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Lagwagon lyrics. Directed by JP Plunier.

Lyrics to 'Whipping Boy' by Tom Cochrane.

Song title .

Watch official video, print or download text … Original lyrics of Whipping Boy song by Lagwagon.

Whipping Boy Ben Harper. Lyrics to 'Whipping Boy' by Elton John. Now it's simple to me Sometimes you have to let go when there's Next to nothing You say everytime she says no There's more pain then love Search. More about Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals.

Whipping Boy. Lyrics by Bernie Taupin You're cruel, you do You do, you do me wrong You hurt me, you flirt with Any old face that comes along But I won't be your whipping boy No I won't be your whipping boy Break me like a little toy Run me till my feet are sore But I won't be your whipping boy … Song Whipping Boy.
Whipping Boy (Ben Harper) Album Welcome To The Cruel World. Whipping Boy. The Fillmore - March 26, 2015 - San Francisco, CA; Like A King / Whipping Boy; Gold To Me; Pleasure And Pain; Later Volume Two: …

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