It’s quality is graded A, B, and C, depending on how it’s been treated. People who know these groups are not ordinary people. Hetian jade pendant symbolizes people’s yearning and wish for this person’s achievements and career prospects. Hetian jade is so hard that it can scratch glass. Nephrite-hetian jade 1,Nephrite. Nephrite is a collection of certain gem-valued silicate minerals in the amphibole family, such as tremolite and phallite.Nephrite is not the name of mineral, it is made of small amphibole mineral crystals woven together in a fibrous form to form a compact aggregate, fine texture, good toughness. Whether you’re shopping for jade or are curious about your jewelry collection, it’s helpful to be able to identify if it is real or if is fake. Hetian jade is very beautiful, and the degree of beauty can be summarized by the extraordinary, which is the main reason for the popularity of Hetian jade. Jade is a beautiful stone that can be green, lavender, orange, red, yellow, or white. Hotan is a major oasis town in Southwestern Xinjiang, an autonomous region in Western China. Jade Gemstone is actually made of two different minerals Jadeite & Nephrite. In this way, it is not too much trouble to completely distinguish between Hetian jade or jade or agate or other similar jade by the naked eye.

Nephrite is a jewel that has been specially and carefully treated in ancient China.

Hetian is a Chinese Town,located in the southwest of Xinjiang in Northwest China, is famous for its exquisite, pure white and flawless jade,that's the Hetian jade jewelry we are now talking. Let's start with the simplest classification and the most difficult to enforce; to Hetian jade it must be tremolite found in Hetian or the Kunlun mountain side facing Hetian. In the history of China, many jade, han dynasty jade, and many fine jade from the tang and song dynasties were produced from this place. Xinjiang and tian tian. In the autumn/winter auction market, jadeite jade takes the lead role; This weekend, Beijing's major auction houses, including guardian, were bidding for the hetian jade collection. What was it used for. However, the price is also very different from that of hetian jade. Hetian jade pendant is loved by Chinese people from the ancient times.The reason why Chinese people love jade pendant is the pattern it shows and the meanning it express. The wearer pays more attention to the achievement of personal achievement and self-worth. The representative jade pattern is mainly expressed by litchi, longan, walnut, squid, bamboo and so on. Most of the jade in the court during the qianlong period came from hetian areas, such as furnishings, utensils, jade brands, and so on. The main variety is as follows: Mutton-Fat Jade, white jade, blue-white jade, green jade, yellow jade, Tang jade, and black jade. If it is not beautiful, the emperors of the ages, the royal family, the literati, can you like it? It has often been found in very huge pieces. To know that what is hetian jade, you need to know the origin of the jade first.

As with nearly every variety of gemstone, the diversity of colors found in Hetian jade is owed to the presence of impurities. The city proper of Hotan broke off from the larger Hotan County to become an administrative area in its own right in August 1984.

The area is known for yielding the famous top-quality white “mutton fat” jade. Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes • Last updated: 08.12.19.

However, the price is also very different from that of hetian jade. White Hetian Jade, typically off white to very pale yellow and containing more than 99 wt.-% of tremolite, and yellow Hetian jade, which owes its deeper yellow colour to iron oxide inclusions…

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