is the name for a stellar stream in the constellation of Virgo which was discovered for Earth science in 2005. Typically, stars are distributed almost uniformly along such streams.

The most significant group of RRLS is the Virgo Stellar Stream (VSS, Duffau et al 2006), group A, which is composed of at least 10 RRLS and 3 BHB stars. Here, the scientists immediately noticed that some of the stars in the GD-1 stream were not behaving as expected. Cosmos ℗ 2017 Released on: 2017-05-23 Auto-generated by YouTube. The released data included a new view of GD-1, the longest and most visible thin stellar stream in the Milky Way. The Virgo Stellar Stream, also known as Virgo Overdensity UAC: VIRGO-SS. The stream is thought to be the remains of a dwarf spheroidal galaxy that is …

This sub-structure was named the “Virgo Stellar Stream” (VSS), given its location in the direction of the Virgo Constellation, at approximately 20 kpc from the Sun.

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