Sir, Various types of complaint letters are very much needed in the present time and complaint letter writing is an art.


The article addresses the question of properly presenting the request to the concerned authority and provide the need for the above mentioned request.

Answer: Shivaji Nagar Kanpur U.P.

If you have some problem in your area and want to write a letter to the chairman of Municipal Corporation then please follow the letter format that has been shown in this article. Yours affectionately XYZ.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Write a letter to the Municipal Authorities complaining about the poor roads and lights in your locality. We would like to gain permission to have a family celebration around the Fourth of July for the residents of our neighborhood.

Dear sir, Our city is fast becoming a concrete jungle. The present article is an attempt to write a sample letter for seeking permission to use a public park for family celebration from local municipal authority. Write a letter to the municipal commissioner, Delhi Municipal Corporation, Town Hall, Delhi-110 006 requesting him to instruct the concerned staff to take away these dogs. 7/13, shakti Nagar, Delhi- 110 007 20th march, 20….. The surface of the road is broken by the heavy rains. 2.0 WRITING A FUNDING PROPOSAL A funding proposal is written with a specific purpose i.e. Oya bridge at Mihindupura) and Annex D (A model e-learning system for the Ratnapura Municipal Council). SUB: Request for Public Park Sir, Letter to the Municipal Commissioner Coimbatore 22.12.11 From R.Radhamohan, 10,lingapuram, Kovilmedu, Coimbatore.

The addressee may be Municipal corporation of any responsible agency either private or government.

There are many stray dogs in your colony. Soon after complaining about the problems of poor condition of streets lights, the officials of Municipal Corporation will come into action and do the needfu l.


I live on the corner of Western Ave. and Main St. and would like to lodge a complaint with the unsightly and unlawful building that has been erected on 184 Western Ave. Write a letter to Editor on insanitary condition (Sample letter for Exams Point of view) Examination Hall, City A.B.C . The Municipal commissioner, Municipal Offices Complex, Nashik-422001. But the road has been neglected for a long time.

The symbol [X] stand for the address of locality or area of which cleaning is needed. Write soon.

228 complaint letter templates and fill-in-the-blank Complaint Letters you can download and print for free, as well as tips on how and why to write a complaint letter. Complaint letter to Municipal Corporation. You will sometimes write a letter like this on behalf of someone else, such as your child, your elderly parent, or someone who has placed you in charge of his or her business. provides you complain letter sample pdf, complaint letter example for Garbage on Road. Question 2(b). Related posts: Sample Complaint Letter to Municipal Corporation for Repairing of Roads Sample letter to the Municipality complaining against the insanitary condition in your locality Write a letter to the local Health Officer complaining about the insanitary […]

A LETTER ABOUT THE BAD CONDITION OF A ROAD. To The Municipal Commissioner Kanpur. Subject: Poor Sanitary Condition.

It is a document that is explicitly necessary for certain actions to take place otherwise it might give rise to various social, economical or legal issues.

Article shared by. ... lest the anger of the public explodes. The permission letters are written for the purpose of giving or seeking approval for performing some action or the other. Sample Letters of Complaint Send a letter of complaint when you are not satisfied with something or someone. Dear _____, It has recently come to my attention that illegal construction is taking place in the public park and empty lot in my neighborhood. Yours sincerely. In similar manner, you can write letter for request for any other permission like, to use the space for marriage of your relative, for society function, to develop Joggers Park and many more. Here is a very simple letter in which a person describes about poor sanitary condition of his locality.

For the last four months the road has been almost impassable.

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