High density teflon tape in various sizes PTFE (100% Politetrafluorethylene) high density (0.35 gr/cm3) adhesive tape from MT Ptfe is a material used in plumbing to prevent leakage. Skived sheet can be made in any thickness from 15 mils up to .250 inches. The tape is sold cut to specific widths and wound on a spool, making it easy to wind around pipe threads.

We manufacture various grades and sizes of tubes, making FluoroTube ideal for medical, chemical, and automotive applications. It is a kind of adhesive tape used in threads.
Not only do brake lines not need Teflon tape, it would be dangerous to use Teflon tape on your brake lines in the first place. PTFE tube includes: Spaghetti tubing – with a wall thickness of within 1.5mm and an outer diameter of less than 15mm, this tubing is used extensively in both medical and automotive applications. Common PTFE Coated Tape Sizes for Heat Sealers Heat sealer tape is made from fiberglass and coated with PTFE commonly know as Teflon .

It is also known by the genericised trade-name Teflon tape; while Teflon is in fact identical to PTFE, Chemours (the trade Fluoro-Plastics technology makes it possible to make in-between sizes. If you’re considering using Teflon tape on your brake lines then you know you’ve got a problem on your hands.

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