Available in the following … Purpose-designed for both up2 and down cutting. Blade Long, angled, stainless steel blade with short cutting edges at tip. GLASSVAN® Surgical Blades are available in the following sizes: • Carbon steel and stainless steel blades are available in sizes from 10-25, including sizes 12B and 15C. This blade fits the ‘FINE’ range of handles. Size 10A is available only in carbon steel and as special order. Single Peel Packs in Metal Foil. It is a name respected globally for quality, precision, consistency and reliability and recognised for combining traditional blade making skills with the latest technology. Scalpel instruments. Every surgical blade is numbered to indicate its size and its shape – think of it as a shorthand code for labeling a blade's characteristics. ). Surgical Blade No’s 6, 9, 10, 10A, 11, 11P, E/11, Sabre E/11, 12, 12D, 13, 14, 15, 15A, 15C, 15T, Sabre D/15, 16, 40 fit No’s 3, 3L, 5, 7, 9, B3 & B3L handles. The blade is usually flat and straight, allowing it to be run easily against a straightedge to produce straight cuts. What size GLASSVAN® Surgical Blades are available? 3 BP handle with the 10# blade (inside knife) – Used to cut superficial tissue. The surgical blades conform to BS 2982:1992 and ISO 7740:1985. Individually packed, sterilised and boxed in 10’s. A surgical scalpel typically consists of two complementary parts: the handle and the blade. *SG3 Skin Graft Sterile Surgical Steel Blade Swann Morton Produc No 2201* Swann Morton Sterile SG3 Skin Graft Blades, With a cutting edge of 46mm. Surgical Blade . Founded in Sheffield during 1932, Swann-Morton have become a world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. 7 BP handle with the 15# blade (deep knife) – Used to cut deep, delicate tissue. Available in Boxes of 20 Blades or Grip Seal bag of 5 Blades. There are many kinds of graphic arts blades; the most common around the graphic design studio is the #11 blade which is very similar to a #11 surgical blade (q.v.

Surgical blade designed manner to avoid the maximum deep cut while using.

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