the sick man of Asia phrase. Out of respect for Huo, none of his students fight back. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. As a teenager I was a Bruce Lee fan, ... the ceremony is interrupted by some Japanese that enter the school carrying a banner that reads "Sick Man of Asia." Sick man of Asia. For example, in an article entitled "The Sick Man of Asia" Michael Auslin refers to Japan, not China (writing in "Foreign Affairs", 3 April 2009). What does the sick man of Asia expression mean? What does the sick man of Asia expression mean? In 2018, Italy was again referred as the "sick man of … The phrase "sick man of Asia" or "sick man of East Asia" originally referred to China in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when it was riven by internal divisions and forced by the great powers into a series of Unequal Treaties, culminating in the Japanese invasion of China during World War II. They (Japan) calling china or Chinese weak, simply because: China always defeated in war and forced to … Weakened by war and foreign intervention, China had become known as the "sick man of asia". This prompts Wu to mock them for being cowards. This refers to Italy's structural and political difficulties thought to inhibit economic reforms to relaunch economic growth. But like the "sick man of Europe" term, it has also been used to refer to other Asian countries in the 21st century. Definition of the sick man of Asia in the Idioms Dictionary.
"Sick man of Asia" is referring to Qing china (or the Manchus Chinese) by the Empire of Japan, during around 1895 to around after the World War 2. US imperialists saw the Phillipines as a gateway to Asia and mainly China. The phrase was intended as a parallel to "sick man of Europe", referring to the weakening … Initially created to refer to the struggling Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia is credited for coining the phrase. France, germany, britain, japan, and russia had established settlement all along the coast of asia

The "sick man of Europe" is a phrase used to refer to a European nation that is experiencing econonic hardship or poverty. In May 2005, The Economist attributed this title to Italy, describing it as "the real sick man of Europe." Wu, who is a Japanese translator, insults the students of Jingwu and challenges them to a fight.

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