On top of that, nothing is set in stone. The purpose of most setback ordinances is to prevent houses from being built too close to one another. Or in the case of Alan's Factory Outlet portable storage sheds you would have to pay for us to move it not to mention the cost to get the gravel moved to the new shed location. Lets say for argument sake, he places the shed where he did, uses it all summer and then moves it to the back corner of the property for the winter. Play houses and tool sheds are usually allowed to be installed very close to property lines, at least they were in Long Beach. These distances are generally regulated by zoning laws and restrictions maintained by local municipal governments. A setback is the minimum distance from a property line that a building can be built. The eaves of the building must be at least two feet away from the property line. Also, if the shed is too close to a property line, the person may have to take down the shed and start all over again. One of the classic cases is structural encroachment, in which part of a building spills over the lot line, but building fences, gardening beds, and other features which overstep the property line could also be termed property encroachment. A storage shed built in San Diego, California must be at least three feet away from the property line. Okay my neighbor is building his deck about 2 feet from my property line. The same would apply to a trailer (a storage shed on a skid frame or on wheels), again portable and can be moved.

Most people often find it too difficult to tell exactly where their property boundaries are without hiring a professional to do a land survey. Annoying they are super noisy. I dont want to wage a war but kinda ticks me off since it is raised so now they will be looking over my privacy fence. If you decide to hire a licensed land surveyor, he or she will come out to your land and place markers that mark the boundary lines of your property. I have a 4 ft section for decoration with 1 end of the fence 3 inches back from the property line and the other pist is on the property line, because the property line is on an angle and I don’t want it to look crooked from the road. If this is in doubt, it is helpful to conduct a survey to establish where your property ends. Anyway i was wondering if i have any rights and how i find out if they got permit ect. Property Line and Fence Laws in Nebraska An initial issue that may be addressed before dealing with specific fence law disputes is the exact location of the property line. My neighbor had their property surveyed and are being really petty. In fact the side wall of my detached garage was on the property line, and I had two of my neighbors garage walls on my property line (I had one neighbor on the left side, but three houses were on the right side). Can you replicate a historic building from a photograph? The shed is deemed portable (none permanent) and could be easily moved. It will depend on your local building codes (not state or county), so best you contact them. A: A boundary is an invisible line that marks the end of one property and the beginning of the next. (OK, not a Frequently Asked Question, but it has been asked) We will gladly design and build any traditional style small building. We’d hate to install your shed only to find out that it is set too close to the property line and needs to move. Only a survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor can show you exactly where your property boundaries are located. Property encroachment is a situation which occurs when someone on one lot builds something which protrudes into the neighboring lot. i was wondering if there is a minimium distance that must be between.

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