Sandy got bored with Science, rodeo, and karate. SpongeBob on CN 2 - Shows a SpongeBob's MAD "Up Next" commercial,Cartoon Network style Amnesia 2 - Patrick gets amnesia and hates SpongeBob Poor Cookies 2 - Santa puts a cookie into milk making the cookie drown, then Santa eats him SpongeBob's Potion 2 - SpongeBob likes it and sells it Free Money! SpongeBobXSandy by StePandy. In this episode, a giant worm threatens Bikini Bottom. SexySonadow.

Adorable . / Plankton tries to get SpongeBob to be mean. While SpongeBob is usually very nice to Squidward in most episodes, there have been some instances where he has been mad at him and even acted mean towards him. SpongeBob won, but Jack M. Crazyfish cheats and they argue. Squidward and Sandy play Patrick's game. You Might Like . "Sportz?" Sandy hugs Spongebob. but whatever.
2020 sandy gets mad at spongebob

Log In. . 2 - Mr. Krabs steals all the money overnight

SpongeBob and Sandy are good friends. I also enjoy the scene with SpongeBob running to the Krusty Krab, it creates some good suspense and I like how Mr. Krabs isn't even mad at SpongeBob even though Krabs gets mad when he's ten seconds late in What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Series creator Stephen Hillenburg stated in 2014 that he created Sandy as "a strong female character that could be a friend to SpongeBob but not a love interest." "Salsa Imbecilicus" Sandy helps him and the other Bikini Bottomites regain their intelligence back. Spongebob by leesydreamy. With Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Clancy Brown, Mr. Lawrence. SpongeBob has a dream where he has to save someone from being tied up on railroad tracks until he sees a fish named Jack M. Crazyfish and they played rock, paper, scissors. SpongeBob and Patrick try to help Sandy out when she feels homesick.

"Burst Your Bubble" He is shown again as a dark green fish driving a bubble boat. "Employee of the Month" - SpongeBob is mad at and mean to Squidward throughout the episode, and they keep setting traps for each other while trying to get to the Krusty Krab. Comments 3. Featured in collections. Soon it appears at SpongeBob's house and decimates the pineapple, SpongeBob waking up just in time to see the … Overview Series creator Stephen Hillenburg made it clear that SpongeBob should never have a romance since he is asexual (as all real-life sea sponges are) and too innocent for it. Sandy Cheeks by Inflation-Dreamer.
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In this episode, SpongeBob gives himself a black eye.

Sandy gets mad and tells him to leave.