The Sagittarius man is a seeker of truth and wants to discover what life is really all about. The flirtatious Sagittarius man, who was no less than Casanova in his youth, can turn into a mature and ideal partner, and a father content with family life. He is also good when listening and discussing imperative factors. All of these describe how Sagittarius men are personality-wise. The Centaur, the fierce archer, half-horse and half-man – a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the male Sagittarius can be expansive and exuberant, a generally cheerful guy with a can-do attitude who is always up for a wild adventure.. Of course, you know he’s your guy simply based on the emotional intensity of your connection. And as much as I hate to acknowledge it, Sagittarius men and women have a dark side too. … If you are a Sagittarian consider yourself the luckiest people in the world. He loves the world and everything in it. It is our nature to want to try new things and experience them for all they have to give. The ambitious traits of the Sagittarius make them unable to resist a challenge and their competitive side tends to come out whenever people underestimate their abilities. The Sagittarius is the type of person that if you tell them they can’t do something… they will work twice as hard to make it happen just so they can prove you wrong. It is our nature to want to try new things and experience them for all they have to give. If something doesn’t go his way, he knows that he’ll still be able to survive without more than a scrape or a bruise.. In everything that he does, be it mythology or religion he makes all things entertaining. Sagittarius Traits. She gets bored easily, so she always likes to keep moving. His Sun is in a sign ruled by Jupiter and this makes him prone to fall in love quickly, acting like a conqueror that has to win the hearts of many. The last thing this frisky fellow wants to do is morph from a prancing tiger into a domesticated house cat. Sagittarius man traits reveal that he is an explorative man who never plans to take on a journey. That’s definitely an apt description for the Sagittarius man, who’s always looking for that next adventurous experience. Sagittarius Man: Traits, Life, and More. For that, try a Cancer man! The Sagittarius Man His Traits In Love, Dating, & Life. If you want to know more about this dark side, here are 10 bad characteristics and negative personality traits of the Sagittarius man … The Sagittarius guy is an optimist. She’s not one to stay in the same place for her whole life. When a Sagittarius man falls in love, it is nothing new. On the other hand, women may either find a tough time dealing with an outspoken and extremely frank Sagittarius husband; or they can even be attracted to his virtues of honesty and truthfulness. Some people are simply not meant to live in one place, do one thing, and spend time with one or a few people. People who are close to a Sagittarian in their life know what I am talking about. As per the Sagittarius in love traits, the Sagittarius woman loves to try new things. In general, it is good to keep this man on a distance for a while, until his intentions become clear and his emotions stable. The Sagittarius man personality traits show that he can easily adjust to his environment and situation, which makes him an ideal traveler and socialite. Nothing makes a Sagittarius man flee faster than the looming prospect of a serious commitment. Adventurous sociable and friendly, they are typically determined to live life to the fullest, amongst other things often making them physical and athletic. Sagittarius man personality traits and characteristics Fun loving, independent and exciting, Sagittarius men are in some ways the wild child of the zodiac. Big spirited and open-hearted Sagittarians are born natural leaders who go after what they want regardless of what other people think of them. Especially about the status of your relationship! Fascinated by everything around him, this open-minded man is quick to explore new and controversial subjects, especially in the areas of religion, morality, and philosophy. She will need to be with someone who can keep her entertained. This explorative and genuinely curiosity creates a charming and appealing environment. One thing is for sure, your Sagittarius man is going to keep you guessing! 6 Positive Traits of the Sagittarius Male Personality by Imelda Green Last Updated February 4, 2014, 8:56 pm In this special personality profile of the Sagittarius man you will learn and understand the key traits and characteristics of men born under Sagittarius. The Sagittarius Man: Overview & Personality Traits.

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