Not only is Australia one of the safest countries for foreigners, but there is also a diverse group of people and lifestyles. Scandinavia is one of the safest regions you can visit with Norway and Sweden ranking in the top 20, but it's Denmark that stands alone with a GPI score of 1.353. Similarly, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were not ranked in our list due to insufficient data collected. Don’t miss: Most Luxurious Countries in the World 2020 These contexts include militarization, domestic and international conflict, national safety, terrorism, war and peace, natural disasters, financial capabilities, etc. Furthermore, a country such as the United States ranked lower than expected due to its high homicide rate. (CNN) — For those who are planning a holiday for next year and wondering which countries are the safest, a risk map published by an organization specializing in travel security may be of help.

With that said, Iceland is a clear winner with a score as low as 1.072 in the Global Peace Index. Iceland has ranked number one for more than a decade, mainly because it shares no borders with another country. Known as the happiest country, the southernmost Nordic country features world-class museums, unique … The most dangerous countries, at the bottom of the list are Syria, followed by South Sudan and Iraq. Iceland – 1.072 Iceland remains in the top spot since 2008, making it the most peaceful and safest country in the world. What Are the Safest Countries in the World to Live In Australia Is Safe and Beautiful. The Safest Countries In The World 2020, safety is one of the top priorities for nations worldwide, be it in better protecting its citizens on the streets, guarding them against wrongdoing, or even safeguarding them against online crime.. Qatar is currently embroiled in a major diplomatic conflict with many other countries in the Middle Eastern region, but visitors to its capital, Doha, will still find themselves in the safest city in the world.

Below, you’ll find the seven safest countries and each nation’s score. Denmark is a country built on water, and includes 406 islands and countless canals and waterways. Switzerland is the safest country in the world right now for COVID-19. The safest (and most dangerous) countries in the world to visit next year Save Finland, and the other Nordic countries, are the safest regions in which to travel Credit: istock Our Asian country safety ranking combines data from the Global Peace Index, the World Risk Report and the homicide rate for every Asian country. … Home to LEGO, Noma—the world’s best restaurant, hygge, and one of the happiest populations on earth, it’s not that surprising that Denmark is also one of the safest countries in the world. For an 11th consecutive year, the tiny northern European nation of Iceland was ranked as the world's safest place. Top 100 Safest Countries In The World 2020. The other countries are medium-sized when it comes to population, except Iceland which is the smallest of the 20 safest countries in the world with a population of just 339 000 people in 2019. You can settle down with views of a beautiful beach, live in a … Safest Countries in Asia 2020. The safest countries in the world have been revealed in the latest Global Peace Index, which ranks major nations by how peaceful they are. Greece is among the 100 safest countries in the world for Covid-19, according to a report released by Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active in scientific research, investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, media, philanthropy and more.. While a certain island nation is perceived as the safest in the world, European countries dominate this category in the 2020 Best Countries report. And for those of us who love guns will be pleased to know that a third of the Icelandic population owns firearms. The safest and most peaceful country in the world is Iceland.

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