You can carry it with you anywhere. Ammonia Jar Spell Ammonia Jar Spells so the purpose of this jar spell is to reverse a situation and turn it around so it goes in the direction you desire. You can absolutely put the same effort into making a jar spell as a more traditional spell, and the best part? A jar spell isn’t just a trifle of unfocused ingredients, it’s a bottled spell. While this form of magic is mostly found in cursing and curse-breaking, it’s not just for baneful magic. on a piece of white paper write the situation *as it is* the paper should be wide enough to wrap around the inside of your jar. The jar spell is versatile overall and can be custom-designed for a variety of needs. The spell transforms from something you do once, into a talisman or charm The Hoodoo ‘honey jar spell,’ for example, is common in love magic. Jar spells, also known as bottle spells or container spells, are an old form of folk magic.

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