Structure, Committees, and Meetings Structure – both of the board as a whole and of individual board meetings – is an important part of an efficient and successful nonprofit board. They do not supplant responsibility of each board member; they operate at the board level and not the staff level. Nonprofit boards typically set up a few standing committees and charge them with fulfilling certain duties all year long. BoardSource encourages all boards to be creative in rethinking how your nonprofit board committees might be structured, and to be flexible in experimenting with different strategies. The role of board committees is to streamline operations by handling specialized areas like finance, governance, public relations and more. The place to start is Nonprofit Board Committees, the essential resource on the topic. Committees recommend policy for approval by the entire board. 3. 4. What Are Board Committees? The Basics of Board Committee Structure ... Another option is to have the chairs of each of the board committees and the chair of the board form the Executive Committee. 6. 5. While committees can be utilized to alleviate the board of some tasks and help increase efficiency, committee formation should not be taken lightly or … Those tasks fall on the board of directors unless the board delegates them to board committees. It would be impractical for the entire board to meet and discuss every issue pertaining to the nonprofit at length. Nonprofit boards may appoint some combination of board directors, experts, volunteers or community members to a board committee. … Board committees are small groups of individuals that work together on a targeted topic or issue. Nonprofit boards tend to be larger than for-profit corporate boards and they tend to have more standing and ad hoc committees. Continuing education is useful for every board. Instead of being present at every committee meeting, board members simply attend the committee meetings that pertain to their area of expertise. The board of directors of a nonprofit corporation is generally empowered to create committees at its discretion, subject to the nonprofit corporation’s bylaws and the laws of the state of incorporation. Committees make full use of board members' expertise, time and commitment, and ensure diversity of opinions on the board. Form follows function, or at least it should when it comes to boards.

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