Try these solutions properly. In this article, I'll explain why your iPhone 8 Plus won't receive calls and show you how to fix the problem! Some service providers/carriers will deactivate outgoing call services due to late payment or unpaid bills. If iPhone is not able to make or receive calls after all …

Turns out, ATT tower by my residence had GSM voice outage (her phone cdma), but neglected to tell any of the customers in the area. In some cases, the reason that your iPhone won’t make calls or receive calls will be because of the SIM card not being inserted properly or your iPhone not recognizing it. Problems may only reveal themselves once they are fixed. But luckily, here this article will help you out with the solutions provided below, no matter it's "iPhone not receiving calls" or "iPhone won't make calls". Spent hours trying to resolve, then finally went to ATT store. For those people, I will tell you some valuable solutions to get rid of this problem. It also shows that I don't have any bars of service (all of the little circles are empty) Even though I have someone under the same account next to me with full bars of service. Simply use the pin that you received with the iPhone to remove the SIM card slot, take out the SIM card and wipe it with a clean rag (this will remove any dust), and reinsert it. How To Fix An iPhone 8 Plus Not Receiving Calls 12 Steps Total It’s not that the iPhones have an issue placing a call but the issue is with the iOS 13.4/12/11 update.

When your iPhone failed to make calls, the first thing to do is checking if your account is active.

Your iPhone cannot send … The calls won't even connect when I try to make them and when someone calls me it goes straight to voicemail. Connect to a network. Solution … If … To make more confusing, my wife could make / receive calls on her iphone with same carrier (att.) it will send and receive text messages and emails and everything like that; however, calls won't work. How to Fix iPhone Xs/Xr/8/7/6s Not Making or Receiving Calls.

Your iPhone 8 Plus is not receiving calls and it's starting to get frustrating. [Solved]iPhone Won't Make or Receive Calls after iOS 13.4.1/12/11 Update. So before you begin the quest to fix the phone, get the phone out of the … Fixing this is relatively simple. Phones are meant for phone calls and if they can’t do this main task of theirs they are just useless. Now could make / receive calls! Users have been searching about iPhone won’t make calls, outgoing calls not working on iPhone XS Max, iPhone can’t make calls after an update, iPhone won’t make or receive calls but can text. 1. There are many reasons why your iPhone may fail to send or receive text messages, including problems with the cellular network or simple software oversights.

We’ve been seeing a lot of issues with iOS 13.4.1/12/11 lately and one of them is that it does not let you place a phone call or receive one. I will sure that your iPhone call problem will be solved after trying. How to Fix iPhone Text Messages Not Sending . Without the ability to make and receive calls, your iPhone is hardly a phone at all! Unfortunately, many iPhone users have recently reported that they couldn't make or receive calls after iOS 11 update.

Follow these instructions to get your iPhone sending text messages again. Maybe there’s an outrage in your areaor you have a weak cellular signal.To confirm, you should see if other people in your area have the same problems and make calls in another location. If you find your iPhone 7 won’t make or receive calls after update, make sure it is not a billing-related block, and your calls don't have errors on the carrier system.

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