... As you can read and listen to the sounds of the words for the months in French, you will notice that they are very similar to English and should not give you any problems in learning by heart. décembre – December. février – February. Here are my favourite French courses and resources: The Fluent in 3 Months Challenge – Have a 15 Minute Conversation in French after just 90 Days. You'll get a bronze medal when you complete a level 2 times and a silver medal after 5 completed rounds. So there you go with the days, months, and year in French. How to pronounce the months in French janvier - January février - February mars - March avril - April mai - May juin - June juillet - July aout - August septembre -September octobre - October novembre - November décembre - December

Note that in French, the months are not capitalized unless they occur in the beginning of a sentence. The names of the months are considered to be international words. Listen carefully to the French pronunciation and practice saying the days in French aloud. juillet – July. With dates, the ordinal numbers are not used, except for the first of the month: le premier mai but le deux juin. French Months of the year. In fact, the manner of writing date in French is as follows : date, month and year but unlike English the first letter of the month isn’t written with a capital letter. Also note that months are all masculine and not capitalized in French (same as days of the week). janvier – January. For example, if you want to write “14th July 1789” it would be “14 juillet 1789” in French. novembre – November. juin – June. septembre – September.

Want more simple lessons like this? We put le before the number and then the month with a lowercase letter. The maximum number of points (9 knowledge points) is achieved when you pass all 9 levels.

octobre – October. The days in French (along with the months) are not capitalized. French calendar months. There is a poster and flashcards, as well as 5 worksheets and activities of different levels of difficulty: (1) matching activity (2) word search (3) label the images - same order (4) label the images - jumbled up (5) spelling practice.

As in most of the world, the French calendar year starts in January (janvier).Since France is in the northern hemisphere, winter is from December 21-March 21; spring is from March 21-June 21; summer is from June 21 to September 21; fall (autumn) is from September 21-December 21. Months in a Date. What are the months in French? avril – April. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. Les mois de l’année. Check it out below!

Each completed game level gives 1 knowledge point in Months in French. Learning how to say the months in French. They are fairly similar in French and English languages and should be easy for you to learn. Get your copy of Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 Days. French describe yourself, family members, opinions about family, greetings, games, home town, name, the family, directions, months of the year £20.00 Categories & Ages mai – May. Here's a tip: Try using a French diary, which will help you remember these words more easily. Practice makes perfect. It comes with easy-to-follow lessons, audio, quizzes, and exercises plus a lot more. Now you can finally talk about the different dates in the calendar. Listen and repeat as often as possible. Tip #2! To express in a certain month, such as in May, use en before the month as in "en mai." janvier January février February mars March avril April mai May juin June juillet July août August septembre September octobre October novembre November décembre December. Learn how to say the months of the year and dates in French in this recorded online French Skype lesson. The format for giving a date in French is the following: Le 2 janvier. Use du matin, de l'après midi, and du soir to disambiguate a given time. Besides that, all months in French are masculine. French Months KS2 worksheets, activities and flashcards. mars – March.

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