Common Air Force Acronyms and Initialisms Air Force Rank and Position. Rank One change you'll see to an acronym search result is a new column called "Rank". Acronyms & Abbreviations . Army Acronyms There are hundreds of United States Army-specific acronyms that help the Army function more efficiently. What does BLOB stand for? The Joint Chiefs of Staff Vision and Guidance for Professional Military Education and Talent Management. List of U.S.government and military acronyms FromWikipedia,thefreeencyclopedia Listofinitialisms,acronyms("wordsmadefrompartsofotherwords,pronounceable"),andotherabbreviationsusedby You may combine abbreviation and category. There are over 1,000 Air Force acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations. Happy New Year everyone! We've just rolled out several new and improved search features for Acronym Finder. When everyone has a set, condensed lingo to use in action, the response time is quicker and military action is more efficient. Acronym definition is - a word (such as NATO, radar, or laser) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term; also : an abbreviation (such as FBI) formed from initial letters : initialism. Acronyms Acronym Finder This site provides a searchable database of more than 5 million acronyms/abbreviations and their meaning. Acronym slang. Posted: (9 days ago) A valued member of the Pet Partners family and a volunteer leader, who completes required prerequisite volunteer hours, coursework, discussion, and an in-person practicum to verify their suitability to conduct evaluations (in-person assessments) of prospective and renewing Pet Partners therapy animal teams. since 1988.

JP 3-40, Joint Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, 27 November 2019 This publication provides fundamental principles and guidance to plan, execute, and assess military activities to counter weapons of mass destruction. A number of military slang terms are acronyms.These include SNAFU, SUSFU, FUBAR, and similar terms used by various branches of the United States military during World War II. BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) is the title of a bestselling 1987 book by Scott T. Barnes.The book is the true account of a US ISA covert paramilitary operation, … Ready Reference. Covering all subjects, the database collection focuses on computers, technology, government, telecommunications, and military acronyms with an emphasis on DoD, Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard acronyms.

e.g. You may combine abbreviation and category. What is the abbreviation for Big Lump On Board? Search for abbreviation meaning, word to abbreviate, or lists of abbreviations. AA Administrative Assistant AAC Air Armament Center AAG Army Auditor General AAP Abbreviated Acquisition Program AAW Anti-Air Warfare AAWO Army Asymmetric Warfare Office ABIDES Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System ABO Army Budget Office AC Active Component AC/RC Active Component / Reserve Component ACAT Acquisition Category ACATIC Component (Service … The Acronym Server Searching for the Meaning of L.I.F.E.

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