English term or phrase: hold a share upon a trust. 4. Trust is the root that upholds and nourishes the tree of Christian life. Meaning of trust in English: trust. The trustee holds that property for the trust's beneficiaries.

investments or other property shall, subject to any contrary direction, be held upon the trusts and with and subject to the powers and provisions of this deed. TRUST INCOME AND CAPITAL The Trust Fund shall be held on trust for the Beneficiaries in the shares shown in the Third Schedule absolutely. That means that the trust will be held for a certain amount of time, depending on what kind of trust fund it is and the amount of money therein, the time frame can vary between six months or until the trust is terminated. However, trust can mean the same as trust in in the sense to be sure that something is correct or right as in I trust his judgement completely. legal rights to the deceased's properties or anything of value. Firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; confidence or reliance: trying to gain our clients' trust; taking it on trust that our friend is telling the truth. No-one else has any interest and no-one can vary it BUT they must be … I am translating the Articles of a company (based on the IBC Act of the British Virgin Islands). With a living or "inter vivos" trust, assets are transferred while the person is alive. A revocable trust typically becomes irrevocable upon the death of the grantor. noun mass noun. Trusts exist mainly in common law jurisdictions. Generally the vesting date can be extended prior to it being reached without adverse consequences, however: The. The word "trust" can be a noun or a verb: (Noun): I have complete trust in you (meaning: I can rely on you to do the right thing, or what I … Can a beneficiary demand assets? This type of trust allows the trustor to benefit from the trust while alive, but passes the assets and property on to a beneficiary (using a trustee) upon their death. This the fundamental difference between the two trusts. "Upon" really means "subject to" or "in the form of". It is trust that causes it to blossom and to bring forth fruit, and the more fully you trust, the greater and richer and more profuse will be the fruits of your righteousness. They have existed since Roman times. The vesting date (or termination date) is the date upon which the trust will end, and in almost all cases this date is specified in the trust deed.

It is related to the idea of holding something (such as money) "on trust" (or "in trust"), meaning holding it as a trust, subject to the terms and conditions of a trust.

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