Anyway, on Lexapro, no anxiety, no problems sleeping. It has really helped me cope with my mom's cancer (which is what started the anxiety/depression), and there's been zero weight gain. My flaws seemed huge to me, and I assumed everyone thought negatively of me all the time. Hey All, Just wanted to throw my hat in here.

I was constantly over analyzing myself and every situation. Medication. Things were pretty good. Lexapro for Health Anxiety/ Hypochondria? Who Should Not Take Lexapro . It made 99% of my stomach butterflies go away and made me more comfortable with my life. I now have slight depression from it. You can still focus and do your job or study if you’re in school. The only possible downside is that I may have gained 10 pounds on it, but I also had subclinical hypothyroidism during that period so I can't say for sure it was the Lexapro. You should not take Lexapro if you're hypersensitive to escitalopram oxalate, meaning that you have a known allergy to the medication and experience symptoms listed in the allergic reactions in the section above such as difficulty breathing or … The stuff made me much more depressed, had to get off it immediately. When i was given lexapro for my depression, i was depressed because i wasn't feeling much. I just started taking lexapro for anxiety a few weeks ago (on the 9th).

I have really bad health anxiety (a quick glance at my comment history will show a few posts on r/healthanxiety) and moderate GAD. It took awhile to kick in, and while my body was adjusting, I had some trouble staying asleep (I became a VERY light sleeper) and had a few episodes of increased anxiety. 1/10 would not lexapro again. And the doc bumped me to 20mg last month. I'm a guy in my early 20s, and I thought "enough is enough". It did for me anyways.. Find out how they’re alike and different. I have suffered from anxiety and social anxiety for as long as I can remember. So I had been on Lexapro for one year. You barely know you’re on it. Medication. I started at 10mg at the end of August because I was having anxiety/depression. Yes, it had kind of numbed my anxiety, but I found that I just felt "blah".

For those of you thinking about taking lexapro for anxiety and depression, this stuff works.

I am finally, after months of deliberation, going on Lexapro. In fact, I've lost weight but I don't have any reason to think that's the medicine. Ended up finding happiness through other routes. Lexapro and Zoloft are two of the many drugs available for depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Good evening! Lexapro turned my life around.

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