COBOL supports a wide syntax vocabulary – something you’d expect after 60 years of production use.

Those same mainframes still operate some of the biggest institutionalized computing today. Even though the number of programmers with COBOL experience steadily decreases as those who learned COBOL while it was popular enter retirement age, COBOL is once again being taught in some universities -- this time to support application modernization and the DevOps movement. And when was the last time you saw a mainframe in an office? Author has 52 answers and 66k answer views. As not yet mentioned and not well known, it tends to be one of the highest paid languages, because fewer and …

COBOL-based systems vary widely and original programmers rarely wrote handbooks, making trouble-shooting difficult for others. I aslo used COBOL with JCL for two Business Applications courses on a terminal. COBOL is a high-level programming language for business applications. 09 Aug 2009 COBOL: Everywhere and Nowhere. The article refers to the fact that Cobol still plays a big role. I'd like to talk to you about ducts.Wait a minute. Today, COBOL is still commonly used at financial institutions and by government agencies. If someone pulled the plug on COBOL, millions of businesses worldwide would suffer from malfunctioning machines.

Would it be wise to start learning cobol in 2019? As late as 2017, IBM reported 92 of the top 100 banks still used mainframes for their core businesses.

Reuters reported in 2017 that COBOL is still used by 43% of the banking sector with over 200 million lines of COBOL code in use. Below, I take a look at three open source projects that help you code, compile, and use COBOL on a Mac, Linux, or Windows computer. Among the systems that still use COBOL are a Department of Veterans Affairs system that automates time and attendance for employees, … No punch cards required. According to a COBOL consulting company, which goes by the delightful name, COBOL Cowboys, 200 billion lines of COBOL code are still in use today and that 90% of Fortune 500 companies still … After school, I only used mainframes for submitting SAS statistics jobs, interfacing with an agency ADABAS database for use with kisok and IVRs, and to retreive info to download to PC networked database systems. Competition is a little less in COBOL Jobs as compared to other jobs. As already mentioned, COBOL is still used everywhere in traditional banking. But due to its declining popularity and the retirement of experienced COBOL programmers, programs are being migrated to new platforms, rewritten in modern languages or replaced with software packages. Learning COBOL is still worth in 2019 as still billions of lines of codes are present in COBOL and COBOL programmers are still required to maintain and enhance this.

And COBOL still runs the colossal production application stacks created in the 70’s 80’s 90’s - COBOL is nothing if not tractable; Simple. Yet it encourages a simple, uncluttered coding style. Or even perhaps for unis to start teaching it again?

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