Bandar Abbas is the main Iranian naval base, providing a home for the main components of Iran's navy (its frigates and destroyers), as well as functioning as the navy's main ship repair yard. Dozens of US and allied forces' military installations dot the region, from Oman, UAE and Kuwait to Turkey and Israel. Terms; This map was created by a user. Map of major US bases within close proximity to Iran, in addition to other NATO military sites near the Islamic Republic. Iran may seek to set up naval bases in Yemen and Syria in the future, the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces said in remarks published on 27 November 2016. Iran's Bandar-e Abbas is a major naval facility on the Persian Gulf along the Straights of Hormuz. Made with Google My Maps Military Bases.Iran. Terms; This map was created by a user. ... Military Bases.Iran. Learn how to create your own. Bandar Abbas Iranian Naval Base (Google Maps). Bandar-e Abbas. Map: US bases encircle Iran.

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