Hunting elk during their winter migration is a world away from hunting them during--or even in the first few weeks following--the rut.

At 200 yards the velocity is 1,940 fps and the energy is 1,495 ft. lbs. 300 savage for elk hunting; 300 savage for elk hunting. Tweet. Hoppe's no.10. It was designed to out perform the .30-30 Winchester and approximate the .30-06 ballistics of the time (150 grain bullet at 2700 fps) in a cartridge short enough to operate in the Savage Model 99 lever action rifle. The .300 Savage is a mild yet effective medium game hunting cartridge. 300 savage for elk hunting; 300 savage for elk hunting. The .300 Savage was introduced in 1921 and it quickly became one of the classic deer rifle cartridges, as well as an all-around big game cartridge. Chuck Hawks wrote, "the 300 Savage offers good killing power, adequate trajectory, and relatively mild recoil. Savage guys, I started out deer hunting shooting 180 grain round nose 308's and they are absolute slayers compared to my 3006 and 7mm08. Chuck Hawks wrote, "the 300 Savage offers good killing power, adequate trajectory, and relatively mild recoil. I like the Winchester 150-grain factory load for consistent performance. Handloads for the Savage Model 99 with its rear-locking bolt should be kept to lower pressures if long case life is desired. I think they open up better at those short northern MN deer woods shots. Even though the bolts of the Savage Model 1920 and Remington Model 81 have lock-up at the front, loads should be kept on the mild side for them out of respect for their age. I think it would be a decent cartridge for plains game up to Gemsbok, maybe a wildebeest. Related Searches: 300 point bull elk pictures, november elk hunting tips ; hunting. This is a great eastern deer cartrige and when shooting a 150 gr bullet goes out at 2650 fps with very mild recoil.

I have a 1951 EG model and it shoots with anything out there for accuracy. 6 old school hunting rifles that still get the job done. If you go dirt cheap, at least do it with a scope that has a lifetime transferable warranty. They cost more than a good scope in the long run and they often produce life long memories of a bad hunting situation. Oct 24, 2009 #11 .

When the new mall opened in Saginaw I remember going into the Sears store and looking at a Savage 99 rifle on display there. The 180 grain spitzer bullet starts at 2,350 fps with 2,205 ft. lbs. Loaded with a 150 grain bullet, the .300 is capable of producing clean killing on light to … Medium burning rate rifle powders are recommended for the .300 Savage.

I would call the 300 a classic now but it kill with authority, trust me on that one. At ordinary hunting ranges it is adquate for almost all game for which a .30 (cal) should be used." Here you’ll find our reviews of the latest hunting rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders, plus new handguns, ARs, ammunition, and personal-defense guns. Muzzle velocities are not high enough to cause hydrostatic shock however disproportionate to caliber wounding is ensured. At that time bolt-action rifles (especially the .30-06 Springfield 1903) were gaining favor with hunters, and Savage sought to up the Model 99's performance from its original .303 Savage chambering. USA, Has anyone used this in Africa? Share . In the Remington Model 722, I find the .300 Savage to be just as accurate as the .308 Winchester in a … It takes some practice to get familiar with range changes and sight adjustment to know how to compensate for the drop when you are actually out in the field in a hunting situation. As the name indicates, the gun first came out in 1899. The .300 Savage was introduced in 1920 for Savage's popular Model 99 lever rifle. Discussion in 'Firearms' started by MIoutdoorsjunkie, Oct 23, 2009. The .300 Savage remains an effective and adequately powerful cartridge for a wide variety of North American hunting.

One of my pet favorite rifles is my Savage 99 in 300 savage. The .300 Savage is commonly loaded in 150 and 180 grain bullets. Superformance: Rebirth of the .300 Savage. At ordinary hunting ranges it is adquate for almost all game for which a .30 (cal) should be used."

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