What perks can help me improve Ebony Blade's Base Damage? So I was wondering which perks would increase its damage (Non Modded Special Edition Steam Version) 11 comments. The Ebony Blade is a most sinister weapon. share. The blade itself seems to be fully upgraded but I can't really tell. 0 Kudos MAXISAWESOME1213. 02:28, March 2, 2016. 2. Forum > Skyrim Help board > Ebony Blade Perks ... Ebony Blade Perks. To start the quest, ask the innkeeper in Whiterun about any rumors he might've heard. But does the damage increase too? I've maxed it's leeching health effect, but the base Damage remains 22. is there a way to increase the damage of the ebony blade in skyrim? It is not connected to Boethia (whose artifact is the Ebony Mail). A FANDOM user Last edited by Valden21; May 19, 2017 @ 12:28pm #4. Both One and Two Handed Sword are 100, because I just increase that two Loading editor. Save changes Preview Cancel. You can begin the quest once you reach level 20 and: You defeated the dragon terrorizing Whiterun early in the main questline. What perks can help me improve Ebony Blade's Base Damage? The Ebony Blade is the reward for the Daedric quest The Whispering Door. The Dialogue I've seen online, indicating the number of kills was out of order for me and I know I've heard "excellent work child" at least 5 times. I don't usually do the Ebony Blade quest, but gave it a go this time. Thats why I asked. Instead, the sword's enchantment (Absorb Health) is what gets stronger. Forum > Skyrim board > Ebony Blade Damage Follow. save … that's the problem right there... it does 11 damage without any skill increases, that is what the other guy was trying to say.

absorb health is kinda pointless on a two handed weapon anyway since you should be killing everything in one or two shots before they have the chance to do you any damage. A fully perked greatsword will do nearly 75 per hit (not counting enchants). And it can't be improved through smithing. Quote More History; Done. Ebony Blade Perks. The ebony blade's dmg only goes up with perks and it uses the ONE HANDED weapon perks/bonuses, not the two handed. The ebony blade is useless. I’ve been wondering about the ebony blade and how to increase its damage since it cannot be tempered. Once you complete whatever quest they give you, return to the stronghold and use the Ebony Blade on every person there, including the ones in the mines.

when I'm playing two handed I like to super smith up my weapons and you can put the same enchantment on a weapon plus another one. No, it dosen't. Once you get the Ebony Blade you should go to any random Orc stronghold - I recommend one with a mine - and become Blood-kin. If I take out people that are close to me, I know the leech effect upgrades. Note: marked for death make almost any build viable on legendary, and ebony blade is no exception as a matter of fact the ebony blade is more suitable because it make you more tankier and this increase the duration in battle hence increasing the blade damage in the process Posted by 16 days ago.

While it attacks at 50% faster, even with all perks you will do only 63 damage per hit, which is abysmally low.

Problem is, the Ebony Blade, unlike all the other Daedric Artifacts, can't be upgraded through smithing. After some research, it appears that the Ebony Blade's actual damage doesn't increase. The Ebony Blade is Mephala's Daedric artifact. You can't smith the ebony blade and a legendary quality greatsword will do nearly 105 damage per hit.

Close. The problem is, I think the quest glitched on me.

Really It does however raise the two handed skills. Yo Walla.

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