ToddyBaconJR 04/10/19 . Plz I have seen a picture but how!!!
I did on this, as well, I took 17 stitches -- I think you're the first person to actually know that -- but I took 17 stitches to the head, it went all the way to the bone, it was a stunt that went wrong. 34. I do all my own stunts, I have since Season 1 -- well, Hell, I have my whole life." 11. My brother helped me focus to get out of trouble and get me in the right direction." His chances were lost, however, at the birth of his nephew Simba. Akira was a body guard and Tomoe Yukishiro's fiance. But that's what you get, man. Dumb question, I know but stay with me. Scar, called Taka before receiving his scar, tricks Mufasa into looking like he started trouble with a water buffalo named Boma. How did Deku get those scars?

Why does our boy Deku have scars? Copied; Likes (11) Comments (6) Copied; Likes (11) Like 11.
I won't tell you how she died if you don't know, don't want to spoil too much. Scar is the main antagonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. I'm back and oh do I have a question for you. kidblader 02/12/17 . She gives him the scar before she dies.

As the younger brother of Mufasa and second-born Prince of the Pride Lands, Scar was next in line to assume the throne as King. Here's how KJ Apa got that massive face scar between his eyebrows. It's clear that Deku's body can't handle the strength passed down to him. 6. The other part of the scar Kenshin got from Tomoe Yukishiro who later marries Kenshin. He got the first half of his scar from Kiyosato Akira after a battle.

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No, he didn't get it from thinking about Marmite too hard. HI! But I then started to get more disciplined and [learned how to] not be such a rebel. Comments (6) Kindou Fumiya. How did shu get his scar . Scar's plan backfires when Mufasa escapes to safety, but Taka isn't so lucky and gets scratched across the face by a member of Boma's herd. Taka asks to be called Scar from then onwards as a sign of his foolishness.

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