• In cases of hind leg lameness, the horse will raise the hip of the lame side higher when trotting. His owner had the vet out a number of times, physio etc, he wasn't lame but stiff behind. If the right hind leg is lame, the horse may throw his weight on the left front with each stride. My horse is intermittently lifting her right hind leg.

• Diagnosing hind leg lameness is tougher and an extra test that involves turning the horse in tight circles towards the right and the left may help indicate which leg he is afraid to put any weight on. Problems in the Horse’s Hip and Pelvis Here’s a look at some common pelvis problems in horses, how veterinarians diagnose them, and what treatment options are available. In stringhalt, the hind legs jerk up toward the belly with each forward step, when the horse is led as well as ridden under saddle.
This results in a beveled, square and polished appearance to the front of the hoof wall.

Note that experienced horsemen and women will cradle the back leg on top of their thigh. During the stride preceding the flying change, the horses achieving the best performances increase the length of time that both hind hooves remain on support. Become a Lameness Detective for Your Horse. High ringbone: The horse will have a bony growth around the pastern area, and the pastern will have less mobility. Basically, they increase the decelerating phase of the hind legs. Stringhalt is a distressing but not painful disease that is commonly characterized by exaggerated lifting of each hind leg. His owner had the vet out a number of times, physio etc, he wasn't lame but stiff behind. Do not drop the foot as this may startle or hurt the horse. Hind-leg shaking in horses may be caused by conditions ranging from cold temperatures to serious conditions needing immediate veterinary attention, like equinemMotor neuron disease, equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, fibrotic myopathy, stiff-horse syndrome and equine polysaccharide storage myopathy. • Hind leg lameness may also cause the horse to lean towards the healthier side. DrO: Member: frances: Posted on Thursday, Oct 9, 2008 - 7:37 am: Unfortunately, the vet said she definitely has shivers, combined with …

A horse at my old yard had very similar sounding symptoms, it started with him holding his hind leg up when tie on the yard, resting it constantly and would then hold it up in his stable as well. A normal horse keeps his rhythm and steps under his body, while a horse with a neurologic problem may interfere, take confused steps, swing a hind leg wide or pivot on one leg.
The bulbs of the heels will have a bending appearance and can be seen lying against the shoe palmar to the end of the heel. This disease has been associated to a degeneration of the nerves in the horse’s hind legs, however, horses generally revocer depending on the severity of the disease. Most apparent when horse is asked to back up - the hind leg may raise abruptly, remain in a flexed position slightly away from the horse’s body and be held there for a duration lasting from seconds to several minutes; After putting limb down, horse may experience more spasms especially if … Horses can have a high or low limb carriage - this is the flight path the limb takes as it progresses through the stride.

A. Hind end lameness affects different breeds and disciplines in various ways. “Preceding a lead change, the higher-scoring horses increased their contact duration of the hind limbs … The slope of the coronary band from the toe to the heel will have an acute angle.

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