Find ways to save floor space with wall-mounted furniture or to make rooms feel bigger by using the right colors and materials.

But this shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Flat vs Apartment It is common for one to see or hear the word flat or apartment in daily life in newspapers, news channels, and in classifieds. A flat where the front door is on another level to the living accommodation. As nouns the difference between house and flat is that house is (lb) human habitation while flat is an area of level ground or flat can be (archaic|new england|now chiefly british) an apartment. Selling your house privately can be a good idea if it's a buoyant market, with an abundance of potential bidders and speedy house sales, or if you already know someone who wants to buy your home. Like a leasehold, owners are responsible for their individual flats or houses. Dc are v young still- will we regret not having a garden and any outdoor space??

I live in such a property as my front door is on the ground floor and all of my rooms are on the first floor. MakaanIQ explains some of these differences to help you make your buying decision easy and know flat or house which is a better choice for you-. As an adjective flat is having no variations in height.

Owners of the properties can form a commonhold association, which owns the land, building and common areas and is responsible for the management, maintenance, repair and servicing of these areas. A private house sale will involve a lot more effort, though, as you'll have no agent to advertise your property, conduct viewings or help progress the transaction once a sale has been agreed. In addition to this, you will have far more chance of selling a flat than a house in cities as the new batch of high flyers … 13 May 2008 at 3:25AM.

Sometimes a house is converted to have a flat on the ground floor and a maisonette on the 1st floor and converted roofspace.

chappers Forumite. They are designed as residences.

The flat is slightly more expensive than the house, but also has more space in sq ft (excl garden of course). Difference between a house and a flat Related Post: save money selling a home in twin cities

Usually it is cheaper to live in an apartment than a house, bungalows are more expensive to buy as they use larger plots of land than the average house, some people say bungalows are colder than houses to live in (a larger roof is usually cited as the main reason for being colder but good insulation will resolve this) and if anyone were to ask me now, should I live in a house or apartment, …

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