People or organizations can and will spy on individuals, organizations and of course governments. TERMS & DEFINITIONS OF INTEREST FOR COUNTERINTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS Wisdom begins with the definition of terms ... was known as “X-2” (Counter Espionage Branch). Counterintelligence. ‘Kombat includes all main branches like infantry, tanks, artillery and air force plus other like sappers, reconnaissance, counter-espionage and special elements.’ ‘The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is responsible for internal security, for counter-espionage, for counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.’ Yet corporate espionage, like so many activities, has moved into the realm of cyberspace. counterespionage (ˌkaʊntərˈɛspɪəˌnɑːʒ) n (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) activities designed to detect and counteract enemy espionage coun•ter•es•pi•o•nage (ˌkaʊn tərˈɛs pi … One of those actions may include espionage, to counter-espionage measures will be taken to counter it. David Major, a retired Reagan administration counterintelligence adviser, gave a 2011 retrospective of intelligence gathering successes and failures worldwide.
Counter Intelligence (CI) is nothing more than information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, which is spying in other words. Private Sector CounterIntelligence.

Strategic Counterintelligence Operations- Strategic counterintelligence is employed to identify the adversary/competitor’s clandestine human, technical, informational networks, and deny access to actual information of value. As nouns the difference between counterintelligence and counterespionage is that counterintelligence is counterespionage while counterespionage is all those activities undertaken to neutralize or exploit the espionage activities of another nation or an enemy. The methods can range from making simple observations to conducting complex surveillance and espionage operations using high tech gadgets and satellite imaging. How to use counterespionage in a sentence. * Intelligence is data or information gathered by a variety of methods. A Counterintelligence Polygraph asks the candidate questions limited to those necessary to determine whether the examinee ever had any involvement with or knowledge of espionage/sabotage against the United States, unauthorized contact with representatives of a foreign government, or unauthorized disclosure of classified material. primary means of information collection is through counterintelligence and counter-espionage operations. Counterespionage is that aspect of counterintelligence designed to detect, destroy, neutralize, exploit, or prevent espionage activities through identification, penetration, manipulation, deception, and repression of individuals, groups, or organizations conducting or suspected of conducting espionage activities. We also work closely with the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), other government departments, the police where appropriate, and other security and intelligence organisations in …

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