But the name is … Astronomers have discovered by far the brightest galaxy yet found in the early Universe, and nicknamed it CR7 after the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. # 2. Cosmos Redshift 7 is magnitude *, is 12000 million light-years away, and is ' in size. Kids Fun Facts Corner. Astronomers recently discovered the galaxy and named it Cosmos Redshift 7 after the method used to date distant objects of the universe. (Oldest Stars) # 3. Cosmos Redshift 7 is made up of mostly first generation stars.
Cosmos Redshift 7 (also known as COSMOS Redshift 7, Galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7, Galaxy CR7 or CR7) is a high-redshift Lyman-alpha emitter galaxy (meaning CR7 is one of the oldest, most distant galaxies), in the constellation Sextans, about 12.9 billion light travel distance years from Earth, reported to contain the first stars (first generation; Population III)—formed soon after the Big Bang during the reionisation … Cosmos Redshift 7 is also called CR7 is now associated with a very famous soccer player called Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 is three time brighter than the brightest distant galaxy known up to its discovery. For reference, the full moon is 30' (arc minutes) in size. Cosmos Redshift 7 - Lyman-alpha emitter galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7, is a Lyman-alpha emitter located in the constellation Sextans. Cosmos Redshift 7 galaxy is located in the constellation of Sextans.

Astronomer David Sobral and his colleagues named it CR7, which stands for COSMOS Redshift 7 but is also a nod to the Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo,  who is known to fans as CR7. Cosmos Redshift 7 is a high-redshift galaxy (7.5), in the constellation Sextans, about 12.9 billion light travel distance years from Earth, Formed soon after the Big Bang during the reionization epoch when the Universe was about 800 million years old, CR7 is one of the oldest and most distant galaxies. – The galaxy’s name CR7 stands for COSMOS Redshift 7 and indicates its place in terms of cosmic time. # 1. Cristiano Ronaldo has a galaxy named after him A newly discovered collection of stars will now bear the nickname of the Real Madrid and Portugal striker Star player: Cristiano Ronaldo's name …

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