When a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta, a vast urban quarantine is quickly enforced, forcing those stuck on the inside to fight for their lives while local and federal officials race to find a cure. Dare Me Episode 8: Containment- Review and Recap Posted on February 24, 2020 by Tracy Palmer No Comments Addy and Coach are in full disaster mode in an angsty Dare Me Episode 8 that leaves little doubt Coach Colette is not a good person. The CW’s Containment: Review of Entire Series January 18, 2019 March 25, 2020 ~ Metacrone Containment, the story of a viral plague which erupts in Atlanta and the quarantine zone that’s set up to control its spread, was a limited series which ran for 13 episodes on The CW in the spring and summer of 2016. This recap of Dare Me Season 1, Episode 8, “Containment”, contains spoilers. See the top moments from Dare Me episode 108, “Containment.” Read the full recap here.. Addy Kisses Beth OK, so it wasn’t exactly a happy ending. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words . Containment, Dare Me, Dare Me 1x08, Dare Me Episode 8, Willa Fitzgerald Prev Previous Priyanka Chopra stuns in thigh-skimming Dracula print shirt in Milan Next LEGO Masters Season 1 Episode 3 … Despite Containment’s unforeseen cancellation, the show’s de facto series finale on Tuesday still managed to give its virus-plagued characters some hope. In this week’s episode of Containment, entitled “A Time to be Born” he gets even better.. Up until now, aside from his anger issues, Jake’s been pretty perfect. He’s taken Katie out on a date, been great with Quentin, roamed the streets to make sure everyone is safe inside the cordon, and even went to make sure Jana was okay. Jake’s been an all-around, great guy. Parasites, angels, logic extremists, secret love children — everybody’s gettin’ haunted this week. Since the previous episode ended with the shocking reveal of Sarge Will’s death, it’s only logical that Dare Me Episode 8 opens with Addy and Colette in the midst of the scene. Containment Season 1 Recap: 1.3: Be Angry at the Sun Posted By: Lenny Burnham on: May 03, 2016 In: Featured , Television 1 Comment Lex Callahan requests reinforcements on tonight’s episode of Containment season 1. Image Title Number Air Date Writer Director Ratings Pilot 101 19 April 2016 Julie Plec David Nutter 0.5 (1.67m) I To Die, You To Live 102 26 April 2016 Julie Plec Charles Beeson 0.5 (1.56m) Be Angry At the Sun 103 3 May 2016 Marguerite MacIntyre Charles Beeson 0.5 (1.42m) With Silence and Tears 104 10 May 2016 Michael Jones-Morales Chris Grismer 0.5 (1.35m) Like A Sheep Among …
Containment Review: Inferno (Season 1 Episode 7) June 1, 2016 June 1, 2016 Smriti Jasra Containment, Reviews. After finding Will dead, Colette is clearheaded about what she needs to do to prevent collateral damage, but Addy seems to be buckling under the weight of their terrible secret.
This week’s episode of Containment entitled ‘Inferno,’ takes place mostly inside Bitscan, and we get to really see what is becoming of those stuck within the cordon. ‘Westworld’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: A Band of Thugs ... or “pearl,” is effectively plugged into a giant server at an unknown containment facility. Season 1 of Containment is scheduled to air 19 April 2016 on the CW and will contain 13 episodes.

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