Highlights are below: On mother …

The elder Pillman didn’t want his son to be a true junior, but Pillman Jr. always embraced it.

Brian Pillman and his “Loose Cannon” gimmick was the talk of the wrestling business in 1996, with everyone from promoters, fans, dirt-sheet journalists, and the wrestlers themselves all discussing what was real and what was part of Brian’s character. Brian Pillman was born in 1962 in Norwood, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.

WWF representatives contacted the hotel where Brian was staying and received word that the hotel maids had found him dead in his room earlier that afternoon.
Brian Pillman Jr. is the son of the late Brian Pillman, and he is getting his biggest break in wrestling after signing with Major League Wrestling.

He was born with throat cancer and had over 30 operations before the age of 3. He was raised mainly by his mother. Brian Pillman Sr. passed away in 1997 when Brian Jr. was just 4-years old. Brian William Pillman (May 22, 1962 – October 5, 1997) was an American professional wrestler and professional football player best known for his appearances in Stampede Wrestling in the 1980s and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the 1990s.. Pillman created a legacy as "The Loose Cannon", a … Rating: 6/10 Brian Pillman Jr Thought His Father's Death Was A Storyline Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Aug 12, 2018 On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Brian Pillman Jr was interviewed and revealed some early memories of his Father. Pillmans life would start with a strike against him when his father would pass away while he was in diapers.
He was a high school star and later a college football star at Miami University of Ohio.

692 Likes, 17 Comments - Brian Pillman Jr. (@flyinbrian41) on Instagram: “Happy #mothersday to my WONDERFUL Aunt Linda and of course my sister's mother Rochelle who left us…” Brian Pillman Jr. is the son of the late Brian Pillman, and he is getting his biggest break in wrestling after signing with Major League Wrestling. Brian Pillman II Talks His Mother's "Heartless" Appearance On RAW, Being Neglected, WWE Royalties By Raj Giri | March 18, 2018 Brian Pillman II was interviewed on Matt Koon's podcast, Going Broadway. Pillman Jr. spoke to Cincinnati.com recently about what it was like growing up without his famous father. 32:40 – Brian Pillman Jr. on the advice he received from Cody Rhodes 35:50 – Brian Pillman Jr. on his style, inspiration and goals 43:00 – Brian Pillman Jr. on his tough upbringing 56:45 – Brian Pillman Jr. on his WWE aspirations 1:01:05 – Brian Pillman Jr. on what he’s learned from his dad’s legacy 1:06:30 – Outro. Brian was set to appear in the ring against Dude Love, but he failed to arrive at the set.

– Brian Pillman Jr. appeared on Matt Koon’s Going Broadway podcast and discussed his mother’s neglect of him and more. Later he played briefly for his hometown Cincinnati Bengals in 1984. Brian Zachary Pillman was born on Sept. 9, 1993 – the only son of Brian William Pillman. “I didn’t have a father, but my mother also wasn’t there either,” Pillman Jr. said.

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