He had the courage to come back from a car wreck that shattered his ankle, and from a lot of other personal tragedies. After the bout, Brian Pillman Jr and Wheeler Yuta tossed both men to the outside of the ring. The official introductions are made, the bell rings and we are underway. A dire promise DDT also resulted in a near fall for Pillman. Pillman then hits kicks to keep Thatcher off him. Pillman hit his Dire Promise swinging neck breaker but Smith kicked out at two. Total package and I fully believe that WWE would steal her in a heartbeat. #619…” Sami Callihan defeats Michael Elgin with the Death Valley Driver. Well, Brian Pillman was a friend of mine. The full episode can be viewed in the player below: Here are 6 takeaways from MLW Fusion 12/14: Brian Pillman Jr. Advances To Opera Cup Semi-Finals In the […]

- Brian Pillman Jr. is the splitting image of his dad and has a damn bright career ahead of him.

He currently is signed to MLW. Thatcher then backs Pillman Jr back into the corner. Pillman told Smith to hit him with his best shot so he did, a leaping tombstone piledriver. Pillman would go for a back slide and a small package with both receiving a two count. Pinfall, but no! He had the courage to withstand the punishment of pro football and ten years as a pro wrestler. The same can be said for Davey Boy as he’s got a pure expression of determination on his face. - Matt Taven pinned Vinny Marseglia with the Frog Splash. Pillman hit Dire Promise but Smith kicked out leaving Pillman in shock. - (ROH Television Championship = 3-Way Dance) Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Marty Scurll and Bandido when Pillman Jr. pinned Bandido with the Dire Promise to retain the title. He currently is signed to MLW. Tim hits Brian with clubbing blows before hitting a diving cross body and Tim counters the Dire Promise into a butterfly suplex for two. Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. Brian’s left shoulder is wrapped up, but he looks ready as ever to get down to business. - (Top Contenders TV 6-pack Challenge) Silas Young defeated Bandido, Andrew Everett, Josh Woods, 2 Cold Scorpio and Alexander Hammerstone when Young pinned Scorpio with the PG Waja Plunge. Smith hit the Running Powerslam but much like Dire Promise, it only got a two count. Pillman runs for a flipping cross body, but the target is missed. Pillman told Smith to hit him with his best shot so he did, a leaping tombstone piledriver. Brian Pillman Jr. defeats Davey Boy Jr. with the DIRE PROMISE.

1993 - The WWF held the very first televised King of the Ring pay-per-view event at the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. Smith moved when Pillman flew through the air and hit Pillman with the running powerslam, but Pillman somehow kicked out. I used to promise my ... To showcase the dire conse-quences of failing to stand up to Winner: Brian Pillman Jr. defeats TJP via pinfall with the Dire Promise to advance to the next round of the Opera Cup. AR Fox defeats Anthony Greene with the LO MEIN PAIN. They exchanged slaps as Pillman begged for Smith to give him his best shot. Davey soon hits his Running Powerslam, but Brian kicks out of that, not once but twice! Pillman doesn’t relent and hits his Dire Promise DDT! Pillman then hits kicks to keep Thatcher off him. The tournament was taped inside New York’s Melrose Ballroom on December 5th. - Salina De La Renta is AMAZING. Smith hit the Running Powerslam but much like Dire Promise, it only got a two count. Pillman tried to hit it again but Smith reversed and dodged a leaping crossbody. Brian Pillman Jr. is the son of the late Brian Pillman, and he is getting his biggest break in wrestling after signing with Major League Wrestling. Tom Lawlor defeats Brian Pillman Jr. with the REAR NAKED CHOKE. He then attempts the Dire Promise but Thatcher fights it off. They then go back and forth with strikes until TJP hits a t-bone suplex and Brian hits a kamigoye into the Dire Promise for the pin and the win. The Legion of Doom defeated Brian Pillman & Jim Neidhart via disqualification at 4:24 when Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith interfered as Pillman was set up for the Doomsday Device; after the bout, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin made the save before brawling with one another D-Lo Brown pinned Bob Holly at 3:09 with a Tiger Bomb

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