However, there was once a time when outdoorsmen didn’t go out without an axe. Home; About; Contact; Home. Pretty much any tool with a bladed implement on a handle can be described as an axe. Thread starter Mrwhitetailfanatic; Start date Feb 15, 2012; M. Mrwhitetailfanatic Banned Member. A knife and an axe are both designed for different purposes. Knife. Survival Knife vs Hatchet – A Question of Gear.

Throwing Axes vs Throwing Knives – Comparisons. best. Multitool. 6. Which one of these you folks would bring into the show? Sort by .

Feb 22, 2016 #35. thunderstick. Knife and axe vs knife and chopper?

14. I have a James Madison bill that says I will beat any knife with my 2.25 pound boys axe.

Bolo. share. I am even going to give a handicap, I am over 70 years old. Any takers? Joined Feb 9, 2011 Messages 688 Likes 11 Location Do not trade with this memeber. 1560 shares. Which one of these you folks would bring into the show? The question of axe vs. saw vs. big knife for chopping has come up in my world recently. 7.0%. Knife.

I have always used my Junglas and a 4 or 6 for the most part but I bought a Council Tool 24" Woodcraft and I am really liking the small knife and forest axe concept in …

SHTF blog – Modern Survival. share.

Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Axe vs Bolo vs Knife vs.. Close • Posted by 1 hour ago. A knife that is used for bushcraft or survival is designed to be used as an all-purpose tool. My answer is it depends on the situation/environment. save hide report. Banned.

100% Upvoted. edit: I must have added: "Defend your answer" to be more fun :) 14 votes. 0 comments. ClutchAxes' Top 5 Axes of the Month: 1844 Helko Werk Germany Rheinland Hatchet $ 148.00 Get It Here; Boker 09BO110 Tactical Plus Tomahook Axe with 18 1/8 in. Axe vs Bolo vs Knife vs.. Axe. 30. While everyone has no doubt at least seen a wood axe you may not be aware that there are several different categories of axes. Best Bushcraft Axe: No Nonsense Buyers Guide, Dependable Reviews For 2020. 5.3%. Messages: 52 Likes Received: 55 Gender: Male Location: Central Kentucky. I have always used a large knife and find it very useful. My opinion.... priceless. The axes do the job of chopping down trees and large wood logs. Knife were to be in the 2.5 pound range. You must be logged in to vote. I was asked what I prefer for wood processing/camp tasks.

If you are serious about learning wilderness skills, then you will need a good bushcraft axe to …

This video is unavailable. Jan 15, 2007.

Gear. If weight was not an issue, I'll pack a good sized axe. You can use a hatchet like an axe and vice versa, but it will be tiring and you won’t get the right balance. Saw. 2 days 22 hours left. 0 Comments. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. March 26, 2014 April 25, 2020 Jarhead Survivor. Unless you are not hiking a difficult trail in Addicted2Tone Member.


The most basic question we get is what actually is an axe?

Author: Jacob Hunter Last Updated: May 21, 2020. 12.3%. Axe. Voting closed 1 day ago. See Here for more details. Discussion in 'Survival and Wilderness Skills' started by Addicted2Tone, Oct 25, 2017.

For backpacking, I'll go folding saw and knife that's long enough to baton.


save hide report. 75% Upvoted.

edit: I must have added: "Defend your answer" to be more fun :) 114 votes. I did a quick test just last week sawing and chopping with a hatchet a piece of log - saw took 12secs, while hatchet took 2mins. The saw definitely is more efficient and faster vs chopping. The Axe Vs. An axe, on the other hand, was created with chopping in mind. The hatchet vs axe discussion makes it clear that the first one is suitable for light wood chopping tasks, collecting firewood, setting the tent, and other small chores. Gerber big rock $40. 49.1%.

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