Answer Save. 9 years ago. I am a pure beginner. Something that many of us have to work on. Below that is a link to get a downloadable fingering chart for saxophone free. The lowest note an alto sax can play is a "written" (not concert pitch) A3 -two ledger lines below the staff, the highest is the D8 - or the screamin' high one shown in the fingering chart on the link below - that would be 4+ octaves- however those are also your advanced notes and far less used ones- for practical use the notes most seen are in the 3 octaves from A3 to A6. 9 years ago. Using overtones and harmonics, you can reach any note you want to, with some major embeachoure changes. Relevance. If you play a low note and start biting harder, start tightening your embouchure, you will see, it goes high. Whenever I blow into my Alto Sax, a sort of a whistling sound comes out.

Also, it is ugly, sounds like that.

Listed below are alternate fingerings for many of the naturally out-of-tune notes on the alto saxophone. You will find that many of the alternate fingerings will work for all of the saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone). what is the lowest note on alto sax? Alto Saxophone Fingering Chart – Notes for Alto Sax (Bari Sax … The lower you go, the looser the embouchure should become. Don’t write that into any part. The Bb (wich is concert sounding Db). thedifference between the way you play the lowest note on the saxophone and the way you play the highest note on the saxophone should be very similar. For the best chance at successful low notes you need: A well-adjusted, high-quality instrument. On most saxophones, the lowest note on a saxophone is a low Bb (just below the stave in treble clef).

6 Answers. And the best-designed and most meticulously-made instruments help to minimize the difficulties of the low range. 0 2 1. Videos of fingering chart where you can see/hear all the notes on alto, tenor, and soprano sax. Lv 4.

Finally, the third thing you can do to help low notes come out better is use more air. This was required because the open throat, breath support, embouchure control that is necessary to play low C when used on all of the notes in the range of the saxophone produces a big, open, and well controlled "characteristic" sound. This is just for fun. The traditional written and actual (sounding) range of the alto sax is: The high F# is the result of the contemporary practice of adding a key that adds this note. Basic Fingering charts (no sharps or flats) First we have a couple of very basic fingering charts which show you the saxophone fingerings for the lower and upper register in the key of C. These are ideal for absolute beginners who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the entire chart of all fingerings. As well as an option to see large diagrams on this website. Whether you play an alto saxophone, tenor saxophone or any others, the range is the same for all saxophone, therefor, the saxophone fingering chart shown below applies to every type of saxophone. In the practical range, it's a Bb. Even a small leak anywhere on the saxophone makes the lowest notes more difficult. A good mouthpiece and reed combination. And they tend to be a bit harder on tenor compared to alto. I included a video and a fingering chart for these notes, known as altissimo. The frequency of the note is 138.59 Hz, assuming the note is played in tune with A4 = 440Hz.. Low C Key The low C key is the lower right hand little finger key and is used primarily for playing low C. Baritone Saxophone Keys If your low notes such as low C, B, and B-flat produce a warbling sound, run a test to isolate the regulation bar that sits above F-sharp and covers the G-sharp pad cup. Anonymous. Don’t touch the regulation bar as you do this. Whenever I try to play a low note, for example, if I play a low C, then the sound that comes out of the horn is actually of a middle C. And my Sax doesn’t have the pinky Bb key, the bis key and the topmost key of the left hand. Login to reply the answers Post; Miranda. However, some baritone saxophone models can get the A a semitone below that. There is no definate "higest note" for alto sax, as there is a definate "low note". It is now not unusual for professional or even student horns to have this key. Favorite Answer. (Playing alto sax for two years, practices 3 or 4 days a week)-Barrie. -Joshua Low Bb Related Posts:“How to read the highest 3 notes and lowest 3 notes onHow to Play Your First Notes on Saxophone – The Mid…Protected: Godfather ContinuedHow to Play Fly Me to the Moon on Sax by Bart Howard (first…How to Play Mario Theme Song […]

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