It's also conveniently located next to Sen's Fortress and will probably be your primary bonfire there until you get to the roof. This Firelink Shrine and the Firelink Shrine … The Firelink Shrine is located on a hill next to the Cemetery of Ash, surrounded by vast open space with mountains visible on horizon line. A version of Firelink Shrine also acts as the central hub for players and NPCs in Dark Souls III. When he arrives at Firelink Shrine, he'll act much like the Shrine Handmiad, selling a wide variety of items. Now, during your first visit here, talk to Fire Keeper.You will find her … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Shrine Handmaid This NPC is found in the Firelink Shrine and is one of the major vendors in the game. share. Sort by. If you hang a right when exiting the shrine, you can find a shield hiding in a tree. It will allow you to travel to various places. At this point the question most people ask is “where to go from the Firelink Shrine?” The problem is, the game is expecting you to know some mechanics that haven’t been fully introduced up to this point.

Now, you can go to High Wall of Lothric. If you kill her, she will return to the Firelink Shrine and … I would recommend switching to Blacksmith Andre's bonfire as your main bonfire since it is just up the elevator from Firelink Shrine. You see your "bonfire level" anyway when looking what level of + you have on your estus. Once you have dealt with him you can either return the firekeeper's soul back to her by interacting with her cell again (thus relighting the bonfire in firelink) or you can be greedy and visit another firekeeper to boost your estus flask. So the bonefire keeper or whatever she's called died I guess and now I can't use the bonfire at the firelink shrine. Relighting the Firelink Shrine Bonfire; User Info: Atzend. This area serves as your main hub. When I go to where the Fire Keeper was it just says DEAD. I let Yurt 2.0 live so I could fight him again in Anor Lando. Note if you choose the upgrade … save hide report. Uuuh..halp? Lore. Firelink Shrine is your base. The upper floor hosts a huge empty throne that overlooks the bonfire below, which can be lit with the Coiled Sword. Firelink Shrine is a location in Dark Souls III. 35 comments. Firelink Shrine is the first hub of the game, linking to several different areas. Once done, speak with … I killed him, came back, but nothing. After that, you can stick your sword into the Bonfire place located right next to Fire Keeper. Other firekeepers include a woman in gold armor in the city of Anor Londo or the spider queen in the Chaos covenant's base. Atzend 8 years ago #1. After defeating the first boss, the unkindled find this safe haven, where they may level up via the Fire Keeper , or interact with other NPCs who have sought the safety of the hub. If you take the time to explore Firelink Shrine, you'll find plenty of goodies. There are 2 Homeward Bones and 2 Embers hidden about the surrounding graveyard. Behind the fire is a small set of steps leading to an altar. Be sure to check back with him often, even if you're not into buying anything. The bonfire will not be there initially. Absolutely pointless and feels like it just slipped into the game from Dks2 (where every bonfire had a level and actually had a meaning) Nah the bonfire level doesn't really do anything afaik. Firelink Shrine is a Location in Dark Souls 3.

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