Replies ... RCN Tribal class destroyers - Master's Thesis. The Allegiance-class battlecruiser was a large warship in the Imperial Navy.Like other vessels in the long-running Star Destroyer design family, it was marked by a distinct wedge-shape. A super war on the high seas.

by Andy01 » 3:51 AM - May 28.

2 Replies 386 Views Last post by Blutarski 7:37 PM - … (nautical) A class of fast warships of medium tonnage, having a long cruising range but less armour and firepower than a battleship. The U.S. Navy is expanding this capability but at the same time introducing a new class of ship, the guided missile destroyer USS Zumwalt, designed primarily to support land warfare. Also hurrying north to join him was the older battleship Rodney, mounting nine 16-inch guns, the largest caliber in the fleet. In this situation the stealth destroyer has the distinct advantage over the majestic, but non-stealthy battlecruiser. Forum rules. The primary weapons of the Battlecruiser are Heavy Ion Cannon turrets, each one able to generate two long range beams capable of taking down a frigate with a single salvo long before the frigate could come close to its own weapons range.

Battleships. Death Match: America's Stealth Zumwalt Destroyer vs. Russia's Big Battlecruiser. Share with: Link: Copy link. The end result of this scenario: it’s a tie. Differences Between a Battleship & a Destroyer ... Destroyers were developed toward the end of the 19th century and continue to play a role in modern naval warfare.

The modern cruiser may be regarded as the offspring of the frigate of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The Discussion Board For The True Queen Of The Seas. The Battlecruiser was the largest combat vessel produced by the Hiigaran navy during the Vaygr War. Meanwhile in Russia, Moscow is still trying to squeeze life out of its Kirov-class battlecruisers. Battleship Vs Battleship. (nautical) A miniature aircraft carrier carrying VTOL aircraft. A cruiser is a vessel built to secure speed and fuel capacity at the expense of armor and battery strength. Share. Tovey’s fleet consisted of two new battleships, King George V and Prince of Wales, the battlecruisers Hood and Repulse, and the aircraft carrier Victorious, plus many additional cruisers and destroyers. Topics. It is similar to the Tector-class Star Destroyer as they both lack hangars and were designed for ship to ship combat.

Although there are some similarities between them, the two types of vessels are different in many ways. What Is The Difference Between A Cruiser And A Battleship?

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