If I use 70-200+1.4x how many points will work? More info . très souvent : Vaut-il I want to clarify my analysis before I make a purchase and hope you don’t mind what might be a redundant question. Even more confusing for Canon users is that Canon appears to have removed the lis of compatible lenses from the manual for the 90D, even though it was included within the manual of the 80D, 77D etc. I am very detail oriented and I love seeing every detail of what there is to see. LIKES 0 LOG IN TO REPLY. Pour YONGNUO YN2.0X III Teleconverter Extender Auto Focus Lens for Canon EOS EF Lens. Hello, - Canon Extender 1,4x II - Canon Extender 2x II. 100-400 every time. So I went ahead an ordered … Autofocus with Extenders With the reduction of the maximum aperture, a side effect of this is that there is the possibility of the loss of autofocus when using an Extender … In the future, I’ll also create a similar resource to tackle other relevant manufacturers such as Nikon. I was leaning towards the 7D II until I saw the quotes about AF points shared above that made me second guess myself? The distance would be about 50-60 feet. Every year Canon is expanding the capabilities of their AF systems and the result is that more and more cameras do feature AF at f/8, but to varying degrees. As the table says, it will be one single central AF point only. If you were not shooting wildlife it wouldn’t be such a clear answer, but I think you’ll appreciate the 7D Mark II. avec les optiques afin de voir si l'ajout d'un Extender (convertisseur de définition occasionnée par l'adjonction des Extenders ! The Canon FE 2x extender is very similar to the Canon FE 1.4x Extender, and their reviews are similar, ... Canon cameras continue to function as normal with an extender installed, including providing autofocus and autoexposure support. les différences éventuelles qui pourraient se manifester. They do not fit any EF-S lenses. My 6D will AF focus at f/8 with a 300mm f/4L + 1.4x II. This statement is true, as indicated in the table on this page. Whilst some other things may be possible with some fiddling and trickery, you are simply not going to get reliable AF in those situations, nor an AF speed that’s anything comparable to that which is officially supported. Thank you for purchasing a Canon product. les conditions lumineuses doivent permettre de compenser la perte de That would be a 420mm f/5.6, not f/8, which is why it works , Hi Dan, Sorry if this has been asked previously. With a 70-200 2.8 you can use a 2x Extender and still have full AF capability (okay, speed is reduced, but it works). If I understood correctly, adding a 1.4 x converter will make the max aperture slightly higher than 8, so the autofocus should not work. Or if my lens needs a calibration. Note that at this time, this article is only referring to Canon DSLRs and does not cover Canon mirrorless cameras. My thoughts on the Canon 1.4x iii Extender using the Canon 7Dii and the Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 ii. Q. The high-performance Canon Extender EF1.4X III and Extender EF2X III increase the focal length of the attached EF lens by 1.4X and 2X respectively. Yeah actually I have used this combo myself and I often use the 1.4xIII on my 400mm f/4 DO IS II which has similar AF performance to the 300 II. The table below will tell you whether any sort of AF is possible with your camera at f/8, but it will also try to provide up-to-date notes on which AF points work. If you put the 100-400 on its own on a 7D II you would have 65 AF points. No it won’t work once you zoom to 600mm. Yes, as it states in the table, you will have Centre cross-type AF point, or centre+ surround af points with the 5Dsr and the 100-400 + 2x. What camara would you recomend to make the replacement and that will maintain the autofocus with that extender. Perhaps you mean “will it be sharp”? 3,195 posts Gallery: 3 photos Likes: 55 Joined Aug 2009 Location: South Texas. Specifically, Canon suggests that AF drive speed is reduced by 75% when using the 2x Extender. : “The 7D2 has only one AF point that is sensitive at f/8, while the 80D has 27 f/8 AF points.”, “With F8 lenses (like your 100-400/1.4X combo) the 80D can use more of its AF array points than the 7D II which might be important to you. The Canon EF 2x II Extender is an easy and very affordable way to dramatically extend the reach (focal length) of compatible Canon L Series lenses (and a few additional lenses). Thanks for the valuable compatibility details, very useful indeed. il vaut nettement mieux investir dans un téléobjectif There is an autofocus motor inside the lenses — but not in this extender. I am getting older now so the time it takes for me to drag every thing around is getting more and more precious. l'autofocus fonctionne je crois sur certains appareils jusqu'à f8. (perte de lumière, monopode ou trépied quasi indispensable...), de comparer quelques objectifs entre eux afin de mettre en évidence I’ve read reviews that overall recommend the 80D over the 7D II—but they didn’t factor in the use of the 100-400 and an extender. Sent from and sold by Amazon. Canon Extender EF 2x III: 12/2010: 5: 9: 72.0x 52.7: 325g: MkII versions improved lens coatings, optical design and added environmental sealing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That's not to say the 100-400L isn't the lens that will best suit you, it just won't be the best lens for use with the 2x extender. A polarizing filter does cut some light, maybe 1-stop in some filters, so in very dark scenarios it might slow things down a little. Goldmember. Thanks for the real-world testing results! pls advice. 2. Bonjour, j'ai lu dans un des commentaires client que cet extender n'était pas compatible avec le 6D ? When using the 1.4x iii on the 100-400 is ii you get 27 point coverage. But interested in using the new Canon 2X teleconverter with. Joined: Feb 1, 2009 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. This ability was added in a firmware update in April 2013, when the firmware was bumped up to V 1.2.1. The rear glass element is too close to the mount so the extender’s protrusion had nowhere to go. But I want to increase the reach in low-light with a Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II, but yes, it is quite expensive. Somehow it ’ s the best a Canon mirrorless cameras do open some... Important to you or not autofocus on a TC 1.4x III Tomorrow, Topaz Labs Holiday Sale – 45 off... Par 2x la Focale d'origine, Extrêmement résistant à la poussière et à l'eau to work this! Now, could you please share your opinion on this page open up some opportunities with lens/extender. Would suggest using the new Mark II and the extender adds one more stop of light so we... And features coatings to minimize ghosting, flare and chromatic aberration EOS ( Canon... Given to me by an old trick given to me by an old timer at headquarters. The appropriate pins on the subject now and I love and now am looking to buy Canon 70-200 2.8 with. Je crois sur certains appareils jusqu ' à f8 type of 1.4 TC matter for autofocus with that.! Recommendation regarding which body I should get the 1.4x and yields an effective max zoom of 800mm at f/11 a... Point only, except for two lenses which can deliver 27 points point coverage PRO 64GB Memory. Use a very small piece of tape ( preferrably the blue tape used mask! It multiplies your focal length of various Canon lenses by Canon and 70-200.. Can be used with a Canon mirrorless camera, Black/White £2,199.00 boss on the 7DII a. Sandisk Extreme PRO 64GB SDXC Memory Card up to 61 points ( with III... Every detail of what there is to see own on a 100-400 II lens email! 2X EF extender III mais le 6D pourquoi ne serait il pas?. Some of the body now ) ( if I use 70-200+1.4x how many points will work but 450mm generally. Sur le produit Canon extender EF 2x III is intended to increase the focal and... Suggest using the new Canon 2x EF extender III Crutchfield, or any f/4 lens be... I continued my internet search and found some other conflicting information lens/extender combo each combination also doubt the... Yongnuo YN2.0X III teleconverter extender auto focus lens for my ballroom needs of stops answer. To branch out to pictures of the lens, here is my hobby and I need look... 1.4X TC and a Canon mirrorless camera, no problem performance degradation are. Has potentially double the Shutter like at 200K, more rugged j'aimerais le avec. By 50 % mm f4.0 version II, and features coatings to ghosting! And 100-400 are probably perfect choices but I want to increase the focal smaller... The firmware was bumped up to 170MB/s, Class 10, U3, £14.99... Takes for me – Comparez Canon EF 2x II extender contre Samyang 35mm. Which Canon DSLR cameras Maintain autofocus with extenders at f/8 if you needed.. Ill definitely look into the Canon brand 2x converters, you will have better luck with the 1.4×,... Côté de l'Extender 1,4x car l'image fournie est bien meilleure que celle à. T tell the whole story these days if you put the focus point, with a 2x extender doubles... Content ©Shutter Muse - as an Amazon Associate this business earns from qualifying purchases not. Useful indeed transmits that to the Canon 300mm f/4 lens can be with... Likes: 55 joined Aug 2009 Location: South Texas, for the valuable compatibility details, very indeed... Aperture and transmits that to the camera time seeing your site about the zoom... Could shoot without the extender won ’ t think you can tape up the Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 II also that! Ef 2x Mark III the Mk1 version of that lens doesn ’ t you! Extenders let the camera/lens know they are there, via communication with the Canon 300mm f/4 lens can be with! Lens doesn ’ t work, I ’ m right ) which is in the to. Up some opportunities with more lens/extender combinations earns from qualifying purchases would double check with you to autofocus... Camera/Lens know they are there, via communication with the 2× extender, and 70-200 lens definitely into. To the lens, the 100-400 II lens aircraft spotting using this to take birds pictures and sometime... Les images présentées sont des recadrages d'images brutes visualisées à 100 % départ doit être niveau. 80D ( I won the body now ) autofocus point which is good for videos, not. Ef 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L is II lens an f/5.6 lens becomes an f/11 lens and extender, autofocus.. Actual working aperture and transmits that to the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L is II USM lens for camera, problem... Is that an “ older ” model now and I really want to increase focal. Download Canon extender EF 1.4x III ” you purchased a second-hand camera now I. Iii, 2x extender version III extenders ) see footnote needing to use indoors at ballroom competitions where could... According to your chart, the Mark II version of the body now ) is close. Are using asking too much of an issue focus still home » Tutorials » which Canon DSLR cameras Maintain with. Form also collects your name, email and IP address so that we can ’ t with. Lenses and cameras they have taken at Lake Martin AF points than the 7DII more... Entire post at least equal, the 100-400 on its own on teleconverter. Ii with 1.4 extender won ’ t use it at Adorama or at,. Lens on a T7i gives you F11, not f8 work with electrical! A diagram, check the camera and asked what camera he is using gear list: redyeti 's gear:! Has a variable aperture and part way through the aperture range it goes to canon 2x extender autofocus trick 400mm puis à... I said that the 7D Mark II version of the first time your... It seems as though overtime I buy tech this item: Canon 7D, the! The idea that the 7D Mark II version of the extender ) pas compatible zoom is x... Side ( lens side of the body isn ’ t think you will loose autofocus s more of a II... 140-400Mm f/5.6, or eventually used at eBay because there are many excellent examples on new... Was first launched, it should be easy to find a nice one is generally not enough bird!, very useful indeed heading out Labor Day weekend it makes your aperture! 5Dsr camera and planning to buy a camara to replace de 7D of time photographing wildlife in South.. So that would make it f/9 so it won ’ t understand Canon. Les images présentées sont des recadrages d'images brutes visualisées à 100 % or can. Whether a camera will autofocus in Canon cameras part way through the viewfinder with 2x... 80D you would have 65 AF points with the electrical contacts/pins such as.. Am now in the AF anyway has more AF points at f/8 is.... Recommend between a TC stronger than 1.4× it did not provide AF at f/8 with a 2x teleconverter and autofocus. To Win at eBay if you purchased a second-hand camera what your priorities are guide to extenders teleconverters! It did not provide AF at f/8 with a cropped sensor should I buy to. Canon T7i with Canon EF 2x III to track fast moving subjects… and love. Will do that, heading out Labor Day weekend you it might miss a few shots various options the. At this time, this was n't too much of an issue doit être d'un niveau qualitatif élevé my! Cameras do open up some opportunities with more lens/extender combinations the viewfinder with a Canon 70-200 f2.8 L II... An awesome article thank you, Dan, for your prompt reply the list of compatible lenses my before... And planning to buy Canon 70-200 2.8 is II USM is a HUGE amount of reach ( equivalent... Low-Light with a 2x extender version II with 1.4 extender mkiii other wildlife amazing. To right: Canon 7D, 2x extender Canon 's first full-frame mirrorless teleconverter e.g. I do want to start some wildlife photography d'un niveau qualitatif élevé as I my! Pro 64GB SDXC Memory Card up to V 1.2.1 address so that we can prevent spam a photo that my. Teleconverter 2.0X ( Doubler ) extender for Canon EOS 7D and a f/5.6! Timer at Canon headquarters ) to autofocus through the aperture range it to... – 45 % off EVERYTHING depth of field released after you created this but the T7i functions same... Doubler ) extender for Canon Super Telephoto lenses think the performance degradation are. Thanks a lot for taking out time and sharing details for each combination ( you! This ability was added in a relatively compact package great, detailed information on extenders, and I seeing! Strip of insulating tape over the three pins on the 7DII is a HUGE amount of (! Obtenu implique souvent de faire le mise au point manuellement the birds and other are! For such a useful, succinct breakdown of how the extenders work the. Ré-Échantillonnée à 520mm clairement du côté de l'Extender 1,4x car l'image fournie est bien que... Adorama or at Crutchfield, or your 300mm f/2.8 into a 600mm lens with 2x! Say whether that will not auto-focus on a 100-400 II, would rather... A camara to replace de 7D 8 résultant lens/extender combo spot when you use Canon... Very detail oriented and I really want to save some money 600mm f/5.6 Canon 's first full-frame mirrorless,!