Gerald Wood

Gerald Wood was born and raised in Hawaii and had raised chickens since 12 years-old while he worked a lot around dairies and with horses. He and Pat were proprietors of the Trading Post in Oxnard, CA; a well known feed store and gathering place for those who wanted to talk about poultry, horses, rabbits or any other type of animal. He provided custom hatching for poultry fanciers in the Oxnard area and seemed to have incubators running from early February through the summer. He and Pat also helped many fanciers with dubbing and spur removal on their game birds. Gerry was a founding father of the SeaSide Feather Fanciers (SSFF) and served the club in various capacities including President and Show Superintendent. He was undoubtedly responsible for more SSFF memberships than the rest of us put together. Gerry and Pat were always there when the club needed them. He arranged for all the feed for our shows, attended all meetings, and they both were fixtures at our Newsletter and Premium List addressing and mailing parties. In addition, the club held our meetings for the first year or two at their business establishment. Gerry raised many breeds and varieties over the years but his favorites were Old English Game and Modern Game bantams. He normally entered about forty - fifty birds at each show he attended and loved the thrill of competition. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he often walked off with best Old English and occasionally best bantam with his Black Old English. In the later years, he concentrated more on the Self Blue and Red Pyle varieties. Gerry and Pat were married for approximately 40 years and have one son, Gene, who is a Farrier in Texas.