In memoriam

Walt Leonard

We have lost another friend of the Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers and the poultry world. Walt Leonard passed away in September 2018 and he will be missed by all who knew and loved him. Walt was a true expert of poultry and was well known not only in California, but all over the country. Walt was a licensed judge in the APA and ABA and was known to specialize in waterfowl. In his later years he had the best East Indie Ducks and he won many shows with his East Indies. Walt was partners with Bob Jones for many years and together they were known as “Jones and Leonard”. Together they won many show champions and were the top winners in Cal National for 21 years. Walt was always at the Greater California Show in Fresno and made friends with many new exhibitors. Walt was easy to talk to and was always willing to give pointers and information to old and young poultry breeders and exhibitors. Walt made many friends with his quiet charm and sense of humor. We will miss Walt at our shows and in the world of the poultry fancy.

James George

Our friend James Willie George, Sr. passed away on October 25, 2016. James was born on April 12, 1954 in Fresno, CA. He was the second of four boys. James worked briefly in construction before embarking on a 34 year career with Fresno County, where he held several different positions and met his wife, Martha (Castillo) George. They spent 24 happy years together. James retired from Fresno County in December 2015. James had a passion and talent for raising birds. When his brothers were interested in sports, James interests were in chickens and pigeons. James was involved in the local pigeon club, where he was president for many years. James has been a member of the Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers since 2009. James favorite birds were the Old English Game Bantam and James had breeding projects in 26 varieties of Old English Game Bantams. At the time of his passing, James was working on Blue Spangles and Opals with his friend Arturo Lozano. James was the Vice-President of our club at his passing. We will miss James and his knowledge of breeding. Rest in Peace James.

Koltyn Moore

Koltyn Moore (10/23/04-11/10/15) was 11 years old, he always had a smile on his face and he was always quick to make you his friend. Koltyn was a member of GSCPF for the last two years, He had been a member of Fairmont 4-H for 3 years, and in the poultry project for the last two years. This year at the Fresno Fair his White OEGB Hen won Best Bantam and Best in Show for all Poultry. Koltyn loved raising Black Cochins and Black Silkies. Outside of 4-H he loved music, he played the drums, clarinet, guitar, and piano, he was very involved in his church. He was in the 5th grade at Hallmark Charter School in Sanger.

David Tune

David Tune was born and raised in Madera, CA in 1952 and passed away on October 27, 2014. David was made a Cal National Hall of Fame recipient in 2015. David was introduced to chickens early in his life by his father, Bill and his father’s best friend, Leighton Miller. Bill and Leighton taught David the rudiments of game fowl chickens, including the basics of breeding and the importance of maintaining pure blood lines. Another influence in David’s chicken breeding education was Bob Bolles and Jerry Raven. David’s father passed away at an early age and Leighton and David became even closer. David bred and maintained several lines of Aseel, Shamo and other Oriental Game Fowl. David raised Old English Game Bantams and was a member of the Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers (GCSPF). David was the Vice- President of GCSPF for many years and was one of the top three Old English Bantam Breeders in Central California. David won 3rd best, out of 356 Old English Game Bantams, in the 2002 Greater California Show with a Brown Red Pullet (see photo at right). David’s passion was planning and preparing for the Game Show that the GCSPF hosted at their Fresno Show. David was always an advocate for the Game Show and helped other clubs with their game show, including judging the game show at the Gold Coast Poultry Show in Hollister. David had many friends in the American and the Oriental Game Fowl community. David had many contacts and helped many people get birds. David was a mentor and friend to many people in the poultry fancy including many youth. David helped support the Poultry Show at the Madera County Fair. David helped many 4H youth in Madera County and many counted on him to dub their Old English Game cockerels. David always had an answer when someone asked him for advice. David was a Christian and lived a life of giving. He was a true friend to many people, giving people second chances and a place to stay and food to eat when they were homeless and hungry. David found love and a partner in his later years, when he met Sandy Ramon. David and Sandy were always together and engaged to be married. David was teaching Sandy his love of Game Fowl and they worked side by side feeding and caring for his chickens. David left a legacy of many friends and people who loved him.

Gerald Wood

Gerald Wood was born and raised in Hawaii and had raised chickens since 12 years-old while he worked a lot around dairies and with horses. He and Pat were proprietors of the Trading Post in Oxnard, CA; a well known feed store and gathering place for those who wanted to talk about poultry, horses, rabbits or any other type of animal. He provided custom hatching for poultry fanciers in the Oxnard area and seemed to have incubators running from early February through the summer. He and Pat also helped many fanciers with dubbing and spur removal on their game birds. Gerry was a founding father of the SeaSide Feather Fanciers (SSFF) and served the club in various capacities including President and Show Superintendent. He was undoubtedly responsible for more SSFF memberships than the rest of us put together. Gerry and Pat were always there when the club needed them. He arranged for all the feed for our shows, attended all meetings, and they both were fixtures at our Newsletter and Premium List addressing and mailing parties. In addition, the club held our meetings for the first year or two at their business establishment. Gerry raised many breeds and varieties over the years but his favorites were Old English Game and Modern Game bantams. He normally entered about forty - fifty birds at each show he attended and loved the thrill of competition. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he often walked off with best Old English and occasionally best bantam with his Black Old English. In the later years, he concentrated more on the Self Blue and Red Pyle varieties. Gerry and Pat were married for approximately 40 years and have one son, Gene, who is a Farrier in Texas.